Thanks: Local partners help to make training event a success

By Submitted August 16, 2013 10:20 am

In cooperation with the Chadwick Center for Children and Families at the Rady Children’s Hospital, the Children’s Health and Human Services Agency and the California Department of the Office of Child Abuse Prevention, CSM Consulting was able to coordinate an advanced Training for Trainers course titled “Mandated Reporter Train the Trainer.” Many non-profit, child-focused groups, the Del Norte Department of Health and Human Services, the Del Norte School District, and others are required by California regulation to be trained and re-certified regularly as Mandated Reporters of any circumstance that may be child abuse. 


Because of the opportunity to provide this training to those who pre-qualified, at no cost to the participants, we looked to our creative and compassionate partners within the community. 

First 5 Del Norte provided a mini-grant to support the course by funding the fee for rental at the Family Resource Center and the nutritional food and beverages for those taking the class. Del Norte Child Abuse Prevention Council assisted in providing effective communication to inform, register and then to coordinate all the participants that day. 

Special thanks to Patti Vernelson, Executive Director of First 5 Del Norte, and to Bernadette Johnson, Chairperson of the Del Norte Child Abuse Prevention Council, for the assistance in making this important workshop a success. 

The class was taught by Laine Alexandra, LCSW, who is the Manager of Chadwick Center for Children & Families Trauma Counseling Programs. According to C. Susan Minx, PhD of CSM Consulting, “Having a course offering of this level is a unique opportunity and we were so pleased to have the class offered in Del Norte.” 

Nine people were trained to provide training in this vital topic. Ms. Alexandra told us in follow-up that “the group in Del Norte was THE MOST FUN of all the groups I trained on that trip.” However, “It was a great chance for us to increase the number of trained trainers who can help others who are required by the nature of their employment or volunteerism to be certified as Mandated Reporters,” said Ms. Minx. 

Ms. Alexandra’s time and travel as well as the materials were completely subsidized by the Chadwick Center for Children & Families. 

Thanks to our local partners for their assistance and support to make this available.