Pages of History: Club plans to spruce up old cemetery

By Nita Phillips August 30, 2013 05:11 pm

From the pages of the Del Norte Triplicate, August 1949.

The historic old cemetery north of the city on the beach road is to be cleaned up and a plaque located there. The Kiwanis Club adopted this as a new project at its last meeting, Dr. H.A. Stover announced.

Dr. Stover said that the cemetery is a historic landmark containing the remains of victims from the Brother Jonathan shipwreck of 1865. The history of the cemetery itself dates from the 1850s and in recent years has been allowed to deteriorate and suffer from desecration and vandalism.

The aim of the Kiwanis Club, Dr. Stover said, is to clean it up and establish a plaque in honor of the Jonathan survivors and other old-time residents buried there. He asks residents here who have information of value historically on persons buried there to contact the Kiwanis club.

Trees of Mystery beautified

The Trees of Mystery park entrance will soon have a new look, as landscaping operations get under way directed by Raymond Marks, of the Crescent City Nursery. According to Marks, the park will soon sport a huge sign with the words, “Trees of Mystery” spelled out in letters formed by flowers on the bank in full view of the highway.

Dwarf French marigolds are being planted to form the sign temporarily, and they will be replaced in the fall by thrift plants, said Marks. 

9-year-old girl wins boat

Joan Moore, 9  daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Miller, Crescent City, prefers terra firma to aquatic transportation. After hoping and dreaming for weeks that she would win the Shriner’s pony and saddle at the county fair, Joan was bitterly disappointed as the winner was revealed to be someone else. 

Then, a single ticket brought to her the prize and dream of every sportsman – the boat and motor drawing of the Chetco Rod and Gun Club. But Joan had no use for that. She didn’t need a boat and motor. She wasn’t the least bit impressed with that. With extreme dismay she remembered a little boy walking away with the beloved pony.

But, “all’s well that ends well” and Grandpa Miller came up with a happy solution to the twisted affair. He would exchange the sportsman’s prize for a brand new pony. At last reports, Joan and grandpa were on their way to look at ponies. Incidentally, grandpa, a keen sports enthusiast and fisherman, lost his boat in an accident last season. 

Fortune teller loses battery

Misfortune befell a Crescent City teller of fortunes at the fair Saturday night as an unapprehended person or persons removed the battery from Mrs. Maude Baise’s car while she was attending to her duties in the Women’s Club fortune telling booth.

Mrs. Baise has advertised asking its return, assuring nothing will be said. It was taken from Mrs. Baise’s Model A Ford Saturday night at the fairgrounds. 

Old Ford takes boys on trip

Two local youths, Leonard Nielsen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Milton Nielsen, and Johnny Frazer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Frazer, returned last Friday, Aug. 19, from an 8,000-mile tour of the United States in a Model A Ford sedan.

Starting June 23 from Crescent City, the boys saw more in 56 days of this country than many people will see in a lifetime.

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