‘Honest Abe,’ is a redwood that attracts

By Nita Phillips September 06, 2013 03:29 pm

From the pages of the Crescent City American, September 1928.

A. D. Lee, of Lee’s Giant Redwood Park, was in Crescent City on Wednesday showing a beautiful picture of his prize tree, which has been christened “Honest Abe” and is an attraction for the many tourists that travel the Redwood Highway. 

While here, Mr. Lee stated that he had recently become an associated editor of the Redwood Highway Review, a monthly magazine published in San Francisco. This magazine was formerly the Redwood Highway Bulletin. The Redwood Highway Review is now owned by William R. Collier, formerly with the San Francisco Call and the Denver Post.

Mr. Lee stated that the magazine would deal with topics peculiar to the Redwood Empire and the “Last of the West.” The first issue will be off the press about Oct. 1.

New whistle at laundry

Residents of this city have been wondering from whence the sound of a new whistle comes in the morning and at noon — the answer is, “It comes from the Crescent City Steam Laundry.” Mr. Graham, the proprietor of the laundry, has been planning on adding the whistle to the plant, but it has just been in the last week that he has got to it to put it up.

Since taking over the laundry, under their own management, Mr. and Mrs. Graham have made several major improvements in the plant in the adding of new machinery to better facilitate the work there. 

Large fleet of boats

A large fleet of salmon fishing boats arrived here last weekend and will remain here for several weeks.

The Paladena Fish Company of Eureka has a receiving and supply vessel here, buying all fish possible. The canneries at the mouth of Rogue River, Ore., have contracted for an unlimited supply of salmon, at prices higher than south of here, and the fish are being trucked north.

A derrick, with motor power, has been constructed at the Hobbs, Wall and Co. wharf, and fish for the north are hoisted from the boats, weighed and boxed. The boats come in from off shore every afternoon and sell their catches. Besides salmon, many ling cod are landed, as they strike the same as salmon. To date, the catches have been good. 

Local news in brief

• The work of constructing the Smith River Bridge, on the Redwood Highway, is proceeding slowly and there is a doubt of it being completed this year. The two piers on the west bank of the river have been completed. 

• The weather summary shows that the month of July was cool along the coast compared to the interior, the hottest day in Grants Pass, Ore., being 113 on July 24. Other inland points also reported warm weather.

• County Dry Agent C.W. Smith has purchased the Harry Parks place, just north of the Del Norte Berry Farm. The place contains two acres with a home and other buildings. Mr. Smith states that the place is planted to 1,000 strawberries plants, potatoes and kale. He will move his family there in the near future to make their home.

• Raymond Marks, proprietor of the Crescent City Nursery, closed a deal with Dewitt Johnson, owner of the Del Norte Berry Farm, today and became the owner of the latter-named place. The new purchase lies just opposite of the nursery.

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