School menu

By Submitted September 11, 2013 04:04 pm

Del Norte Unified School District will serve the following breakfast and lunch entrées.


Breakfasts are served with fresh fruit, 100 percent juice and milk.

Tuesday (10): Whole grain cereal

Wednesday (11): Breakfast burrito

Thursday (12): Whole wheat ham and cheese muffin

Friday (13): Yogurt and Scooby Doo whole grain grahams

Monday (16): Whole grain mini blueberry pancakes


Lunches are served with fresh fruit, vegetables or salad bar and milk.

Tuesday (10): Whole grain pizza

Wednesday (11): Oriental pork rice and egg roll

Thursday (12): Whole grain beef stroganoff and whole wheat dinner roll

Friday (13): Chili with whole grain chips

Monday (16): Noodles romanoff with whole grain roll