By Submitted September 18, 2013 04:04 pm

Festival a hit

Sept. 10 was a very berry beautiful day at Klamath’s Camper Corral RV Park and Campground for the Klamath Berry Festival. Music was performed by Collette and Conrad, Ray Martel and Friends and two KRECR alumni, Scottie Witvoet and Isaac Johnson — good job, thank you. 

The festival began with a demo of a MOJO 60, a remote control plane going straight up, doing loops and spins with a miraculous landing to the amazement of all. The pilot enjoyed all the attention the planes got from the kids who wanted to take them home. 

Garretta and Nan Marie from Crescent Harbor Gallery graced us with their art skills. Nan Marie had fun dickering with the same man who bought a painting from her last year.

The Home Depot Kid’s Workshop, the Wonder Bus, a maze, and U.S. forestry firefighters with Smokey the Bear encircled the activity area where kids created with paint, chalk, spray paint and clay.

Yvonne Whitehurst was beam­­ing proudly as her young beautiful ballerinas danced and twirled, delighting us all. 

The Crescent Elk cheer­leaders were very attentive while serving a delicious blackberry pancake break­fast. Willy Thompson did an awesome job with the traditional cooked salmon, Danny served pulled pork and hamburgers, Edie Baker made her famous fried blackberry pies, Mary Ann topped her funnel cakes with lots of berries, and Roxie Reyes didn’t stop making Indian tacos the whole day.

Congrats to Auntie Jo who won the dessert contest, to Tina Piña for second place and Marilyn Lunsford for third place. Thanks to all entries. 

The Klamath United Methodist Church did a great job with the raffle and auction, thanks to all the donations. Fun was had by all.

Half of the proceeds will benefit the Klamath youth for sports and recreational needs. We thank all of you for your support in helping raise money for them and making it “a very berry special day.”

This event was well attended thanks to our local news media. I’d like to give a special thank you to the Triplicate’s crew Laura, Cindy and JC, for their help and support as well as to Rob and Heather at Bicoastal Media. We couldn’t have succeeded without you!

Linda Witvoet 

Thanks expressed

My children and I cannot begin to express our thanks to all the people who have shared our loss of Floyd Clausen. He was a beloved husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather.

We appreciate our family, friends and church who provided food, support and prayers during this difficult time. The Foursquare Church provided a wonderful lunch and the Hiouchi Cafe closed for the memorial service. 

We are truly blessed to live in such a caring community.

BJ Clausen