Cannery idea considered for the local area

By Nita Phillips November 08, 2013 03:20 pm

From the pages of the Crescent City American, November 1927.

As we were driving out the Elk Valley Road Sunday, we chanced to see Joe Christensen pruning dahlias in the front yard of a farm house below the road. We stopped the car and enquired what mission brought him in that part of the woods, and his reply was that he owned the ranch and was living there. He told us that he had bought the place, which consists of 50 acres, from Glenn Robinson the forepart of September.

Mr. Christensen stated among other things that he intended putting in three acres of strawberries in the spring and would also go into the vegetable raising business with a view to starting a cannery sometime in the future. This is something that is needed here, he said, and he is of the belief that a vegetable and berry cannery can be operated on a paying basis. 

Van’s Auto Camp sold

A deal was closed here this week whereby Mr. and Mrs. John B. Endert become the owners of Van’s Auto Camp, which was built in the spring of last year by J.M. Van Cleave, and under his operation since that time.

This camp is one of the finest on the coast and contains 24 cabins. There are 30 buildings in all and it is understood that Mr. and Mrs. Endert plan some extensive improvements after they take over the business on Monday, which will include a store at the road where groceries and lunches will be served to the tourist trade.

Mr. Van Cleave is undecided as to what his future plans will be, but he stated that he had a deal on in Josephine County, and that if it went through, Crescent City would lose his residence. He stated that he would probably remain here for some time yet, however. Mr. Van Cleave is employed on the construction of the new Endert Theatre at the present. 

Local marries film star

Isadore Morris, born and raised in Del Norte County and a brother of Sam Morris of this city, was married in Los Angeles last Friday, November 25, to Geraldine Gerald Lowry, motion picture actress of that city. After graduating from both the grammar and high school here in this city, Mr. Morris attended law school in Los Angeles, graduated and has been living in that city ever since. 

According to the Los Angeles Times, attorney Isadore Morris and his steadiest client, Geraldine Gerald Lowry, were at the courthouse together again yesterday. Mr. Morris was uncommunicative, something unusual for him

Mr. Morris and his client did not go to any courtroom. Instead they went to Rom 355 of the Courthouse, and no further explanation was needed. The sign over the door says, “Marriage License Bureau”. 

“Yes, we are going to be married,” Morris admitted. “Judge Guerin will perform the ceremony for us about Friday. We feel at home with him.” Judge Guerin has heard the Lowry alimony case about a dozen times. Mrs. Lowry has played the part of the titian-haired vampire in numerous motion pictures.

After the marriage, the couple will make their home in Beverly Hills. 

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