School fire: Spontaneous combustion?

By Nita Phillips December 11, 2013 04:24 pm

From the pages of the Crescent City American, December 1927.

The Pine Grove schoolhouse, which is situated about one-half mile beyond Wakefield, came near burning to the ground Sunday night between 10:30 and 11 o’clock.

Flames were discovered coming out of the wall by Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Muncey, who live close by, and together they succeeded in extinguishing them before they had gained much headway. While the origin of the fire is not known, it is believed that it was from spontaneous combustion.

The estimated damage to the building was in the neighborhood of $75. Harold Jenkins is the teacher at the Pine Grove School and classes were resumed Tuesday.

Handmade ships shown

The ships, which had been built by pupils of the Crescent City grammar school under the rules of the contest put on by the school principal, Miss Akelan, were on display last week and were some of the finest pieces of work that one could imagine. 

The first prize winner was one built by James Berri and was equipped with electric lights, search lights and the whole regalia. Miss Akelan is very proud of her boys’ work, and she has photographs of the group of ships with the prize winners in the foreground.

Trinity County election

They are going to have an election in Trinity County on Dec. 16 to decide whether or not Supervisor S.E. Ledgerwood, of District 5, shall be recalled or not. They do not know why they want him recalled, but they are going to hold an election all the same. 

New paper in Powers

Powers, Ore., the lumber town of Coos County, has a new newspaper, the “Courier.” The first edition appeared Nov. 17, with W.E. Hassler as editor and manager. The four pages of eight columns each are filled with interesting news and advertising. 

Mr. Hassler at one time had a string of papers from Smith River to Port Orford. 

Be glad you’re here

From all over the United States, dispatches are coming through the daily papers of the wintry blasts that are striking the whole country. Here in Del Norte County, we are enjoying comparatively mild weather in comparison with that of even our close neighbors.

Situated as Del Norte County is, we are protected from the storms of winter and the terrific heat of summer and though we have a wind and rainstorm occasionally that is disagreeable, we have much to be thankful for and should be very glad that we live in God’s own chosen county.

Local news in brief

• The Odd Fellows and Rebeccas are having some extensive repairing and remodeling of their banquet hall done and new lockers installed in the kitchen and many other conveniences for the entertainment of visitors and friends. J.E. Smith and J.E. Ford are doing the work and expect to be done in time for use during the holidays.

• H.R. Saltmarsh spent several days in this city over the weekend before departing for his temporary home at Los Angeles. Mr. Saltmarsh came up on a business trip.

• Crescent City citizen says that the two most pitiful sights in the world to him are offered by the man who is trying to quit smoking and the woman who is trying to keep young. 

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