Pump Room bandits turn out to be kids

By Nita Phillips February 06, 2014 03:46 pm

From the pages of the Del Norte Triplicate, February 1952.

The long arm of the law reached out through a Crescent City window and came up with two burglars. The arm was that of Police Chief Viggo Hoyer. The window was to the rear of the Pump Room, a taproom which had been burglarized either before or after noon on Tuesday.

It was 4 p.m. the same day. Proprietor Howard Renner was explaining how the burglars entered. He raised the window, just as he had done before his noonday trip to the bank. Hoyer leaned out just in time to catch the two thieves, ages 11 and 12 respectively.

Hoyer hauled them right up through the window and demanded a confession. The lads said that they knew nothing. “They lied like everything,” Hoyer related.

A search under the building yielded a number of cartons and cigarettes. Where, Hoyer demanded, was the $10 or $15 dollars in stolen cash? A little frisk yielded pocketfuls of small coins — dozens of dimes — and a coin wrapper. Then they confessed. 

Most of the money was already spent. The boys had outfitted themselves with a packsack each along with camping equipment. It was already stowed in a rowboat out at Whaler’s Island. The adventurers had come back for galley supplies — the candy and cigarettes — when caught.

Hoyer returned the desperados to their respective homes. Their parents returned the respective equipment to the store and restored most of the money to tavern owner Renner. 

The children were left in custody of their parents pending appearance before juvenile probation officials.

“As for the parents, I couldn’t say what they will do to them,” Hoyer said.

2 urged for harbor jobs

Gov. Earl Warren has been given the names of two Del Norters to consider for appointments to two vacancies on the Crescent City Harbor Board. 

The three remaining members of the board, E.J. Lessard, chairman, and commissioners Wm. Buckner and J.L. Prickett recommended Bernard McClendon and Richard “Dick” Clements. And last week the Republican and Democratic county central committees acted in favor of the Harbor Board.

Vacancies have existed commissioners George Grant and Fred Endert resigned.

Firm excluded from fire district

Simpson Logging Company won exclusion from Klamath and Crescent Fire Districts on Monday for a major part of their holdings in those areas. Del Norte County supervisors voted on a resolution to authorize their exclusion unanimously. All fire members were present. 

Simpson entered the request on the grounds that their timber holdings received no protection from the fire district. They offered, on the other hand, to loan their equipment, required by state law, to the local firefighting crews if needed.

Deer trapped in snow saved

Deer trapped in snow were saved from death by starvation above Gasquet this week. 

Their plight was discovered last Wednesday by a California Oregon Power Company crew that was working a bulldozer and snowplow between Gasquet and O’Brien to keep the road open.

The crew told Elmer Johnson, proprietor of Idlewild resort. The crew offered to take hay through to the animals and the crew has been scattering a bale of hay wherever needed since then. 

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