Pebble Beach roundup

By Bryant Anderson, The Triplicate May 13, 2014 10:39 am

Israel Reagen, left, and Terry McNamara brand a cow during the McNamara Ranch’s annual roundup.
 Family and friends gathered at the McNamara Ranch adjacent to Pebble Beach last weekend for their annual roundup. Cows were vaccinated, branded and relieved of their testicles. (I declined to take a couple home, though being originally from Montana, home of the testicle festival, I am probably more familiar than most.) 
Kevin Hartwick helped with the roping, as did Scott Norris, above left, and Tom Polidore on the take-down.

Kevin Moerke encourages a cow to head down the chute the right way.


Nick McNamara, top, and Mayra Aguilar, below, help steady the patient.