Obituary: Pam Collins (March 3, 1943 – May 29, 2014)

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Pam Collins
Pam Collins
In loving memory of Pam Collins, March 4, 1943, to May 29, 2014. Survived by her husband of 54 years, Tom Collins; her children Lori Collins, Michael Collins and Joel Stone; grandchildren Cameron Collins, Jenna Maze, Chelsea Kasnof and Marissa Muully; great-grandchildren Sawyer and Isla Maze. Also considered mother, sister and friend to Jody, Penny, Anita, Colleen, Tracy, Billie, Cookie, Cheri, Jackie, Jason, Jo, Barbara, Willie, Jennie and Sean. The list goes on infinitum.

Pam, a mentor and sometimes sergeant to everyone she loved. She was relentless in her unselfish pursuit of passing on to others her life-learned skills of encouragement, optimism, long-suffering, faith, unconditional love, responsibility, style, class, uniqueness, pride, devotion, courage, integrity, moral values, caretaking, kindness, humor, candor, dedication, passion, cooking, baking, sewing, gardening, dog groomer, entrepreneur, community service, leadership, sensitivity and a perfect example of what a daughter, wife, mother, grandmother and friend should be: patient, loving and kind.

Daughter to Pernie and Ernest “Mike” Benedict, sister to Ron. The family ran “Benedict’s Tackle.” Pam, she was the hot, fun gal who wore in her ears as earrings the trending prized lures of the moment. Her adventurist bravery evident as she liked to swim out in the Klamath River to the bound logs floating down to the mills, much to her mother’s chagrin.

Married to Tom Collins, June 25, 1960. “Love of her life...The best man that ever lived” and at age 16 she began insisting to her mom and dad, “He is the one,” and they soon agreed. Perfect match. Time went forward and her dedication, devotion and loyalty to her family were unmatched. Community leader for 4-H, her love for animals is legendary, especially the bummer lambs she would save from the cold and nurture back to health, sometimes having to return them to their rightful mothers at her own mother’s direction.

Always motivated, setting and accomplishing goals for herself, all the while busy helping countless others achieve theirs.

She delighted everyone with her wiles: handmade scrubbers, jellies, pickles, dilly beans, cinnamon buns, smoked salmon, dog grooming, courier service, delivering holiday meals to those in need, and animal rescue. Recognized as she drove around in her first magic carpet, lime green truck with horse trailer to match. Traveling with Tom and all the pets in the family RV to and fro, Tom even building a special container for Pam’s beta fish she would proudly show off. She was very eclectic, showing off her bubbly personality everywhere she went. Parasailing in St. Lucia, ziplining in Barbados and swimming with the dolphins were recent, greatly enjoyed trips with Lori, who lives in San Diego and had a knack for calling mom right at dinner time. The love for her son Mike extends back, for example, when it was suggested Pam get doctor’s orders to have him removed from her hip at age 3. A heart always open for another, she and Tom adopted Joel Stone, his family instantly theirs. Thus the spoiling and love began! Her love was all-encompassing.

Hard work, her awesome garden, sheep, grooming and caring for her plants and friends, respectively, were time-consuming passions of Pam’s. Always sharing what she created, delivering them with a smile. There has not been a single day in our lives she has not made better by just being there. This positive, incredible, talented woman will be missed by all. She leaves a legacy of caretaking without expecting recognition, living in action what she believed: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Luke 6:31

She has left us for now. Surely she was greeted in Heaven with excitement and open arms by all the loved ones who went before her, and her pets. In her “bathing suit top and shorts,” eager to clean the gold floors and dust the pearly gates she is already sewing covers for. All the while, God, trying to convince her, “Job well done, my good and faithful servant. You may relax, bask in my glory.” We, Pam’s family and friends, know she deserves it. We love you Mamma, Job well done. 

In lieu of flowers, please send donation to Humane Society of Del Norte, P.O. Box 1526, Crescent City, CA 95531, 707-464-1686,, Facebook - Humane Society of Del Norte.


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