Pages of History: Easter lily parade set for Sunday

By Nita Phillips June 19, 2014 12:42 pm

From the pages of the Del Norte Triplicate, June 1952:

The only Easter lily parade of the world will pass in annual review Sunday at Brookings. The parade is timed to the peak of the blooming season at the Croft Easter lily acreage.

Jon Taylor, president of the All Year Events Association of Brookings, has extended invitations to all cities and organizations to participate in the parade. No entry fee is charged and lily blooms are free for the picking.

The blooms are brought into town Saturday, and the float trimming begins.

Special features of this year’s parade are announced as follows: Crescent City Shrine drum corps, the Grants Pass Cavemen, Coos Bay Pirates and numerous civic organizations.

Lily blossoms are presented to all visitors and bus passengers who pass through the town the week preceding the parade.

Klamath River boat race

With a $1,000 grand prize as a lure, whitewater racers are signing up for the Klamath carnival boat races to be run July 12 and 13. Eight boat teams have signed up thus far. A $250 prize will be awarded for the best time on the first lap.

The rules for the Klamath River whitewater race were announced this week by the Klamath River Sports Carnival directors. The race will be run in two periods, starting as far up as Fall Creek, if possible. The second lap will be from Happy Camp down, bringing up the contestants across the finish line about mid-afternoon on Sunday, July 13. 

The first period will be run at 7 a.m. with two entrants starting at two-minute intervals. All entries must check in at Happy Camp before 10 p.m. Saturday evening to qualify for the second lap. 

Castle Rock golf course

Del Norte golfers have leased a 50-acre tract of land for a golf course, it was announced yesterday. The land was leased from Joe Sierka of Castle Rock, the ship-on-shore, for 10 years at $1 per year, according to attorney William W. Speer, who is acting as organizer for the association.  

A nine-hole course has been designed and staked out. Plans were drawn by Scott Hamilton, who designed the original Grants Pass course. He also may be employed to install the course.

The association is offering 10-year memberships for $100 each and hopes to interest at least 100 golf addicts into joining. Those who subscribe will pay only 75 cents for playing the course. Others will be assessed $1 to $2 per round.

“On a 10-year basis, the $100 membership is equivalent to $10 per year for the privilege of playing golf,” Speer pointed out.

All persons interested in joining are urged to contact him at his law offices at 301 H St. or by phone, 2871.

Present plans call for the money to be collected by July 31. Seeding will be done the last two weeks in August, with play commencing in May of 1953.

Several local people have already joined, and at the last meeting a representative from Brookings guaranteed 30 members from that area.

The terrain of the new course is fairly flat, and is located near Castle Rock, eliminating the problem of building a clubhouse.


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