Letters: Crescent City ought to take care of elk, not kill them

December 05, 2008 11:00 pm

I read your article about the elk at the airport. It seems to me that the airport should have had fencing up a long time ago.

It sounds stupid that people would want to exterminate the elk because of something that the airport should have done long ago, build a high fence. Don't get me wrong, I'm a hunter, but I have more respect for wildlife than that.

A few years ago I read on your Web site that they wanted Fish & Game to issue more hunting tags for the elk because they weren't afraid of anything and would run out in front of cars. Again, I'm not complaining about issuing more hunting tags, but the idea of treating them as a nuisance.

How about enforcing the speed limits better? I travel through there all of the time, people drive crazy on 101. People ought to take time while driving and enjoy the wildlife and landscape that you have. All the time people stop to view and take pictures of the elk; I take special trips there because I'm into photography.

Lets face it, Crescent City doesn't have much else besides the beauty and wildlife to attract anyone there. You ought to be grateful you have them

Al Carlson