Letters: Why should people pay for other people's health care?

November 02, 2007 11:00 pm

Several of the presidential candidates state that they would provide universal health care "because that is what the people want."

If you are one of those that think that we should have government in our health care business, please answer my following simple questions. I don't want politically correct statements such as, "you are paying for it under the welfare state" or "everyone else is doing it," but simple straightforward answers, preferably on a personal basis.

I am retired on a fixed income, and at times took lower paying jobs so that I would have retirement benefits. I am lucky with good health for someone my age. Question: Why should you pay for my health care if needed?

My son with teenage kids recently had major surgery to replace his heart valve. His mother and I are taking turns helping him out with home care. Question: Why should you pay for his health care?

As mentioned above, I have limited funds and drive an old, beat up pickup truck. Question: As a taxpayer, why should I pay for your health care?

James Wisbauer

Crescent City