Misdemeanor and felony sentencings provided by the Del Norte County Superior Court for July 7–13, 2017:

Ronald Bates, 34, Klamath: three years of probation, two days of jail for probation violation.

Matthew Bean, 36, Willow Creek: six months in jail and $220 fine for soliciting lewd act.

Hannah Brown, 20, Crescent City: probation violation admitted.

Wiley Cole, 29, Crescent City: 365 days in jail, probation violation admitted.

Julianne Jacobs, 43, Crescent City: $694 fine for driving without a license; probation terminated for probation violation.

Vicki Jarrett, 45, Medford: three years of probation, $2,148 fine, and 48 days in jail for driving under the influence, with suspended license.

Jeremiah Mello, 21, Crescent City: three years probation, three days in jail, $700 fine for possession of dirk or dagger.

Jericho Mercado, 22, Crescent City: informal probation, 45 days in jail, $1,454 fine for driving while license suspended; three years probation, 40 days in jail, $920 fine for battery on a spouse or cohabitant.

Elias Ramirez, 31, Crescent City: 180 days in jail, $150 fine for probation violations.

Joseph Sambrana, 58, Crescent City: 15 days in jail for probation violation.

Amber Ward, 44, Crescent City: informal probation, 12 days in jail, $1,454 fine for driving while license suspended.