Letter: Alta’s needs time to rebound from fire

Enquiring minds want to know. Someone posted something on Facebook the other day about the … Read more

My View: It’s always 9 o’clock in the break room

It’s was nine o’clock when I first stepped into the Triplicate break room almost two … Read more

Letter: Del Norte GOP Committee — We do not support Cowan recall, a frivolous waste of tax money

The Del Norte County Republican Central Committee supported Lori Cowan for District 2 supervisor during … Read more

Letter: Westfall misrepresents facts to unjustly attack Supervisor Cowan and justify recall cost

Supervisor Lori Cowan has been accused of being unethical and self serving by Donna Westfall, … Read more

Letter: FACT CHECK — Del Norte Transfer Station’s rates have lowest cost per ton for disposal in region

Donna Westfall’s Coastal Voices piece of July 11 included misleading comments regarding the Del Norte … Read more

Letter: Duncan, Healthcare District bring doctor to county

I was very happy to read the recent Triplicate article which reported Dr. Greg Duncan’s … Read more

Letter: Another movie star with foot in mouth

I was stunned to hear that Johnny Depp had made some asinine comments about murdering … Read more

Coastal Voices: Cowan recall effort motivated by her self-serving flip flopping

I’m grateful to Lori Cowan for running and defeating Martha McClure in the primary. I … Read more

Letter: Pet owners must be aware of summer heat

Now that summer is upon us and the temperature is beginning to rise, pet owners … Read more

Coastal Voices: Triplicate treats supervisors’ efforts unfairly

What’s a straw man and what does this have to do with newspapers you ask? … Read more

Letter: Recall proponents doing us no favors

Kudos to Editor Robin Fornoff for his commentary in last Saturday’s Del Norte Triplicate. The … Read more

Letter: Thanks for support for CAN donations

The Community Assistance Network (CAN) would like to thank everyone who helped make our Fourth … Read more

My View: $38,000 bill for petty grievances and political vendettas

Here’s the $38,000 question. Are you, Del Norte County taxpayer, willing to see your money … Read more

Angels and Desperados: American champions, from starting gate to finish line

Sometimes the confluence of events melds in my brain and morphs into a story. In … Read more

Letter: Help the hungry by purchasing fireworks for the holiday from CAN

The Community Assistance Network (CAN) food bank feeds more than 900 persons each month and … Read more

Letter: Making contacts a good first step for Last Chance Grade

I am responding to the article “Mayor responds to critic.” First let me clarify that … Read more

Letter: Triplicate editor too far to the left to even read

You are so far left of America I can only read the ads, obits and … Read more

Letter: Crescent Elk provides students self-efficacy

I often hear complaints about substandard opportunities for character building and career motivators for our … Read more

Letter: Please help save HICAP from cuts

The Agency on Aging offers direct services to the elderly through HICAP (Health Insurance Counseling … Read more

Coastal Voices: RHS board must answer for its actions; Fornoff’s column rings false

The recent column by Triplicate Editor Robin Fornoff, accusing the Del Norte Healthcare District of … Read more

Letter: Clear from comments that Healthcare District is not taking fresh food from poor

Triplicate Editor Robin Fornoff offered his opinion that “....withholding money from a program that feeds … Read more

Letter: Cal Thomas has no regard for truth or objectivity, please remove

Cal Thomas not only wastes precious inches in the paper, but he degrades the quality … Read more

My View: Bittersweet reunion with homeless friend

I wrote about Larry my homeless friend some months ago, about the time the ceaseless … Read more

Kudos for DNACA

Another successful season of live performances, Arts in Education and Arts for Veterans has concluded … Read more

Hillary’s running mate: Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin is stupid, obnoxious, unfunny, untalented, creepy and is very good at blaming other … Read more

Letter: No food taken from anyone, Mr. Fornoff

I write to address Triplicate Editor Robin Fornoff’s recent claim that the Del Norte Healthcare … Read more

Letter: Farmer’s Market thanks donor

The Crescent City Certified Market (CCCFM), a program of Rural Human Services, would like to … Read more

Letter: Park rangers, put down guns and pick up saws

My wife and I have been hiking the Hatton trail for years. After last year’s … Read more

Letter: First responders saved our home

On May 5 my husband and I celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary with fond memories … Read more

Letter: Paris Accord exit born of arrogance, ignorance

The recent decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Accord is the latest move … Read more

Letter: Sutter Coast, RHS should open to public

After reading Dr. (Greg) Duncan’s Coastal Voices entitled “End Closed Board Rooms,” and reading the … Read more

Letter: How can Sutter justify $9,000 for 10 minutes?

Recently I had a trigger finger operation at Sutter Coast Hospital that resulted from breaking … Read more

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