Kudos for DNACA

Another successful season of live performances, Arts in Education and Arts for Veterans has concluded … Read more

Hillary’s running mate: Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin is stupid, obnoxious, unfunny, untalented, creepy and is very good at blaming other … Read more

Letter: No food taken from anyone, Mr. Fornoff

I write to address Triplicate Editor Robin Fornoff’s recent claim that the Del Norte Healthcare … Read more

Letter: Farmer’s Market thanks donor

The Crescent City Certified Market (CCCFM), a program of Rural Human Services, would like to … Read more

Letter: Park rangers, put down guns and pick up saws

My wife and I have been hiking the Hatton trail for years. After last year’s … Read more

Letter: First responders saved our home

On May 5 my husband and I celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary with fond memories … Read more

Letter: Paris Accord exit born of arrogance, ignorance

The recent decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Accord is the latest move … Read more

Letter: Sutter Coast, RHS should open to public

After reading Dr. (Greg) Duncan’s Coastal Voices entitled “End Closed Board Rooms,” and reading the … Read more

Letter: How can Sutter justify $9,000 for 10 minutes?

Recently I had a trigger finger operation at Sutter Coast Hospital that resulted from breaking … Read more

My View: Taking food from mouths of poor sends wrong message

There’s a lot of anger aimed at the Rural Human Services board, and rightly so. … Read more

Letter: Must ignore evidence to deny climate change

I saw a survey which showed that a few people in the United States still … Read more

Letter: New book sheds light on Sutter’s greed

For years, our community has worked together to stop the health care Goliath known as … Read more

Letter: BHC has outlived its welcome in Crescent City

I think Building Healthy Communities has outlived its welcome in Crescent City, if there ever … Read more

Letter: No wonder Sutter doesn’t post its outrageous charges

I am writing regarding Sutter Coast Hospital’s high charges for care. Here are some examples, … Read more

Letter: Micks deserves every cent for keeping DA’s office afloat

As a retired employee of the DA’s office, I am in agreement with Jim Fallman’s … Read more

Letter: Constant lack of professionalism in DA's office from top bosses

I’m chagrined at the lack of professional dedication that is rampant at our DA’s office … Read more

Another View: Sexual harassment, violence seen in Crescent City exists throughout U.S.

Crescent City has a problem that exists throughout the entire U.S., undermining justice in regards … Read more

Angels and Desperados: Memorial Day — yard sales and other tale

You swear you’re never gonna do it again. Clean the dust and years off of … Read more

Letter: Big thanks for flower donation to DNHS

Del Norte High School would like to thank Home Depot for the donation of four … Read more

Letter: Judge Follett has long history of supporting victims of crime

I was greatly surprised and horribly dismayed to hear The Honorable Judge William Follett getting … Read more

Letter: Pulling RHS funding hurts poor while pervert still on SCH Board

Let’s see if I’ve got this straight. The alleged pervert running RHS resigned after accusations … Read more

Coastal Voices: RHS Board must resign

As the former fiscal director for Rural Human Services, I experienced Feller’s perverted behavior on … Read more

Letter: Men, make some room at the top for women

Henry Fawcett, a male journalist at the Telegraph, wrote, “The role of men in the … Read more

Letter: Assange, Snowden and Manning are heroes

The Swedish government has dropped their asinine charges against Julian Assange. Julian Assange, of Wikileaks, … Read more

Coastal Voices: End closed boardrooms

This week, following widespread community concern of misconduct by the Board of Directors of Rural … Read more

Letter: Enforce overnight parking ordinances

Well folks it’s tourist season in Crescent City and Del Norte County and time for … Read more

Letter: Info on applying for RHS Board opening

There is at least one opening on the RHS Board of Directors due to Katie … Read more

Letter: To the criminal who stole my bike …

On May 10 a criminal stole my only transportation, my bike, while I was metal … Read more

Letter: Thank you to all who helped with food drive

Rural Human Services (RHS) food bank and Community Assistance Network (CAN) food bank would like … Read more

Letter: Sanctuary cities need to go away

Regarding sanctuary cities I just have one question — why? These people already broke the … Read more

Coastal Voices: NIH an investment worth making

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is the largest funder of life science research in … Read more

Angels and Desperados: Sticks and stones and words

First, on this National Police Week, let me commence by once again extending my deepest … Read more

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