Yes We Can: Always remember to "feel the shot”

As a championship golfer, I always look forward to watching the four major tournaments on … Read more

Letter: Climate change affects more than hurricanes; public funds do not automatically invite public scrutiny

The Thursday (Sept. 14) edition of the Triplicate is so full of crazy it’s hard … Read more

Angels and Desperados: Innocent dogs, bringing out the best in us

Somehow, tonight, looking down at a pair of beautiful and handsome loving brown eyes that … Read more

Thanks to Redwood Medical staff for generous donation

Once again this year I want to extend my sincerest thank you on behalf of … Read more

Time to stop dreaming and apply for U.S. citizenship

My Question to Janet Napolitano: are you so ignorant or just plain stupid? The Dreamers … Read more

Want to be in this country? Then do it legally

Dreamers: you are here in the U.S. illegally. That is most likely a felony. All … Read more

Coastal Voices: Bigfoot Trail celebrates diversity, our local history

In 2009, just after the school bell rang for the last time and my 30 … Read more

Yes We Can: Rules of engagement for fighting wildfires

Over the years we as Del Norters have experienced natural disasters — wind, floods, tsunamis … Read more

Letter: Harbor hoping for a spooky Halloween at Englund Marine

I know that you are extremely busy at this time of the year, but we … Read more

Letter: Thanks to all who helped Berry Festival beat the smoke and heat

We’d like to thank everyone who joined us and hung in there on such a … Read more

Letter: Government action against wildfires comes too slowly

After talking with a close friend who works as a firefighter for the state and … Read more

Coastal Voices: Sutter gives EmCare/Envision more time while local patients are being hurt today

The high prices at Sutter Coast Hospital are hurting our community. The latest chapter began … Read more

Letter: City Hall will finally have a professional image with new home

At last, a professional image for City Hall, the former Bank of America Building. Visitors … Read more

Letter: Bringing animals into the store creates unsanitary conditions

Why is it Walmart is the only store in this town that allows dogs in … Read more

Letter: Media doesn’t let truth get in way of big lie of a storyline

Funny how the mainstream media never made that big a deal about Steve Scalise and … Read more

Coastal Voices: Rare show of support for public lands at Huffman town hall

I was there and experienced a rare community show of love for the public lands … Read more

Coastal Voices: Combat suicides by breaking the silence surrounding mental health issues

In 2015, some 44,193 Americans took their own lives leaving behind thousands of friends and … Read more

Angels and Desperados: The working men and women of Del Norte

I see that Labor Day is upon us once again, with the drifting away of … Read more

My View: Tragedy in a town not so different from ours

The latest entry on hits a little too close to home. It reads simply: … Read more

Leave the “Point” out of St. George Reef Lighthouse

I enjoy articles about our St. George Reef Lighthouse, and I especially enjoy reading anything … Read more

Coastal Voices: Looking for funding, but standing in faith

I would like to share a recent experience regarding a possible funding source for Lynn’s … Read more

My View: Feller’s dreadful legacy with RHS lives on

Scott Feller may be gone but his dreadful legacy as executive director of Rural Human … Read more

Letter: Sutter Coast’s high ER bills seem to be about more than just EmCare

I am a little confused about Sutter Coast Hospital and their emergency room charges. I … Read more

Rylan Caron is an example of the best of our local youth

For those readers of the Triplicate who don’t know, the young girl who read her … Read more

A lighthouse to lighthouse drive, complete with our local history

I have enjoyed sharing with all of you a philosophy of “Yes We Can” in … Read more

Letter: Fornoff’s dig suggests Oxford women would otherwise be in prison

As Triplicate Editor Robin Fornoff peels his journalistic banana (Oxford House is a bargain in … Read more

Costal Voices: Overpriced healthcare hurts us all

I appreciate the Triplicate’s recent coverage of the New York Times article exposing the high … Read more

Letter: Professionalism is sorely lacking at businesses these days

It was forecast to rain, so I called to set up Dial-A-Ride. After telling the … Read more

My View: Epilogues from the last couple observations and tales

Gopher Wars — It’s with mixed emotions I report that Buddy, the dumbest dog in … Read more

Coastal Voices: Dream of Bar-O Boys Ranch passes after 62 years

Bar-O Boys Ranch was established as an idea that became a reality in 1956. Its … Read more

Letter: Blessings get me to wedding (in heels)

It was 11:30 a.m. June 30 and I was at Safeway picking up cakes for … Read more

Letter: Kudos to nurses Lisa, Kayleen for great care

My husband was recently hospitalized for five days at Sutter Coast Hospital in the Medical … Read more

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