Trump’s actions, policies warrant some ridicule in cartoons

Recently some have canceled their subscriptions to the Triplicate due to cartoons less than flattering … Read more

No on Measure A — let the people choose who will govern them

Measure A, term limits for supervisors, on the June 5 ballot seems to me both … Read more

Do not let yourself be deceived into voting for Measure A

Dear Voters: regarding your vote on Measure A and whether or not to impose term … Read more

Measure A misses value of experienced leadership

Measure A should be soundly defeated. It is nothing more than a gimmick to limit … Read more

Triplicate’s civility standard not met in cartoon

You rejected my letter of May 6 for being uncivil and not accurate. I’ve already … Read more

Michael Henderson Reader’s Choice win was well-deserved

I was pleased and happy to see that Michael Henderson, Walmart pharmacist, was chosen as … Read more

Change park policies so visitors aren’t treated like criminals

In regards to the May 5 article “Couples wants apology from rangers”; I have known … Read more

Thanks to Hemmingsen, Howard; Measure A is unnecessary

My thanks to Supervisors Chris Howard and Gerry Hemmingsen. We do not always agree but … Read more

Many reasons to support Howard for supervisor

Our appreciation of Chris Howard’s decision making and leadership is one reason why we support … Read more

Democratic official continues attacks on me

Last week I was viciously attacked by a member of the radical wing of the … Read more

Gitlin’s term limits measure full of hypocrisy

Measure A is a term limit for only the newly elected members of the Del … Read more

Full support for re-election of Howard for supervisor

I, Gertrude Zottola, a lifelong resident of Del Norte County, fully endorse and support Chris … Read more

Thanks for support on meadow cleanup

On April 7, Watershed Stewards Program Members, community volunteers and park staff gathered for a … Read more

We can afford Medicare for all just as we do other things

So, how exactly do we pay for Medicare for All? The same way that we … Read more

Cartoon the last straw; cancel my subscription

Your cartoon today was the final straw. Your complicity in spreading hate and bigotry seem … Read more

Sign petition to end commercial cannabis ban

In 2016, after the approval of Proposition 215 for medical marijuana, California voters approved Proposition … Read more

Principal Hartwick an invaluable asset to our community

I am writing this letter in support of Principal Bill Hartwick. I have known Bill … Read more

Area is suffering from a shortage of electricians

I am surprised with this city’s population, we only have three electricians, and they all … Read more

Chris Howard demonstrates commitment to community

I wish to take this opportunity to strongly support Chris Howard’s re-election to the Del … Read more

City leaders should come up with a plan to clean up this disgusting town

I took a day trip to Ferndale yesterday. While there I walked around the town … Read more

Battling cancer includes reveling in every blessed moment

A standing ovation for Jon Alexander for his courageously shared reflections on life with cancer. … Read more

New homeowner’s positive experiences with area businesses 

I’m a fairly new homeowner in Crescent City and wish to acknowledge the great experiences … Read more

Thanks to Recorder’s Office for kindness, professionalism

I have had numerous reasons over the years to seek documents or assistance from our … Read more

Tragic experience a reminder to put ID on dogs and keep fenced

On March 28 at approximately 5:45 p.m., I was driving north on Lake Earl Drive … Read more

Out of all principals, Billy Hartwick was the most memorable

I was lucky enough to have Billy Hartwick as my school principal in elementary and … Read more

Pack light if you fly Contour

After two consecutive days of flight cancellations out of Arcata due to weather I gave … Read more

Thanks for providing trips to, preserving lighthouse

Before too much time passes and I forget all together, I wanted to extend a … Read more

Hemmingsen hasn’t lived up to promises, should be replaced

I just found out that Gerry Hemmingsen is running for a third term on the … Read more

Birdbox movie production was a boon to the local economy

I wish to express my thanks to the producers of the “Birdbox” movie. For several … Read more

Turn in written reports to get trash cleaned up

It is amazing how much Del Norte County has changed in the 60-plus years that … Read more

Triplicate is too anti-Trump to continue subscription

I am an educated person who has lived in many different places and have always … Read more

We need answers on where homeless are coming from

I recently read your article that covered the homeless survey that showed that we again … Read more

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