Letter: Major concerns over a $2,000 bill for 10 minutes

Letter: Addresses, STAA and Triplicate’s letter policy

Letter: Right to Life march drew 500,000 but ignored by press

Letter: Bus driver does her best NASCAR impersonation

Letter: Outrageous ER bills from Sutter Coast are an injustice

Letter: Expect to see increasing opposition to Trump

Letter: Sutter Coast must put an end to out of network ER

Letter: Good to see resistance to an egomaniac charlatan

Letter: How can country work together without civility?

Letter: Birth control, sex orientation counseling don’t belong

Letter: How Trump won is less important than how we respond

Letter: Trump is right to seek good relations with Russia

We have a right to see Trump work with others

Letters: We will have to stay alert during Trump presidency

Letter: Questioning Sutter Coast’s exclusive contract

Letter: Sutter should be open about costs

Letter: Quit whining about center, clean up city

Letter: Sutter fails to give proper medical care

Letter: Kudos to Triplicate photographer Bryant Anderson

Letter: Will county face tax hike for services?

Letter: Parents: Tell sons to pull up their pants

Letter: Is Wikileaks working for Russia now?


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Monday February 27, 2017

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