Turn in written reports to get trash cleaned up

It is amazing how much Del Norte County has changed in the 60-plus years that … Read more

Triplicate is too anti-Trump to continue subscription

I am an educated person who has lived in many different places and have always … Read more

We need answers on where homeless are coming from

I recently read your article that covered the homeless survey that showed that we again … Read more

It's the left that's radical, not the right

I was shocked at (Congressman) Jared Huffman's statement at his Town Hall meeting Feb. 23 … Read more

Beware getting run over at Walmart

Beware Walmart shoppers of the hazards of entering and exiting the entrances of the store. … Read more

Thanks to Billy Graham for a life in Jesus

Billy Graham died this morning (Feb. 21) at age 99 (1918 - 2018.) Now he’s … Read more

Problems exist throughout Sutter Health system

By now, most locals have heard concerns about Sutter Coast’s high prices and the hospital’s … Read more

Guns need to be outlawed to prevent more massacres

In light of another school shooting, I just have a few questions. Why? How many … Read more

Berkowitz, Gitlin make Del Norte ‘Wild West of Weed’

Thank you, Bob Berkowitz and Roger Gitlin for deregulating cannabis businesses in Del Norte County. … Read more

Kudos to officials for furthering relations with Rikuzentakata

It is heartwarming to read of the continuing saga of the Rikuzentakata-Crescent City relationship. Kudos … Read more

Do your part to clean up our streets, neighborhoods and byways

Dear residents of Del Norte County, our streets, neighborhoods and byways are looking very trashy. … Read more

A great production is reminder to support LRT

For anyone who saw the Lighthouse Repertory Theater production of Edward Albee’s play “Who’s Afraid … Read more

Berkowitz, Gitlin have done irreparable harm

By their irresponsible, short-sighted action in refusing to extend the temporary moratorium on local cannabis … Read more

Arrogant way that Charter is treating customers is a disgrace

As per article in Del Norte Triplicate on Feb. 6, it was stated: On it’s … Read more

Corporate tax cuts, deporting taxpayers a depletion of funds

I feel like doing a little math. Huge corporate tax cuts plus deporting millions of … Read more

Thanks to Supervisor Gitlin for parking lot fix

I’d like to thank Supervisor Roger Gitlin for taking care of the Veterans parking lot. … Read more

Supervisors, like the rest of us, need to start doing their job or be replaced

About 15 years ago I retired from Red Bluff and moved to Crescent City where … Read more

Keep trying with unresponsive staff at Sutter Coast Hospital

I am concerned about the care the patients are getting at Sutter Coast Hospital. My … Read more

Board Chairman Howard has besmirched Gitlin, Berkowitz

While I have been disinclined to submit any writing to what is left of the … Read more

Howard has no right to demand anything from anyone

What a shock. When I looked at the headline on the editorial page of Tuesday’s … Read more

Finally the board has voted on legalizing recreational cannabis

About a month ago, I attended the (Bob Berkowitz’s) Daily Town Hall meeting and I … Read more

Howard’s Coastal Voices piece brings shame to entire board

After reading Tuesday’s Triplicate and the latest attack by the chairman of the Del Norte … Read more

Many of us happy country is thriving

Thank you for publishing an alternate view by Cal Thomas in today’s paper. So often, … Read more

Triplicate is an arm of socialist Democrats

I have tried to remain a subscriber to the Triplicate so that I can get … Read more

Why does Sutter keep Feller on the board?

Sutter Coast Hospital, retains a board member, Scott Feller, who settled a sexual harassment lawsuit. … Read more

It is others who don’t work well with Gitlin

The writer of a letter to the editor Jan. 20 got it wrong: “Berkowitz, Gitlin … Read more

Certain County Board members stuck in past

Have certain members of the Board of Supervisors lost their collective mind? I’d really like … Read more

Letter: Time to end practice of artificial breaching of lakes Earl, Tolowa

Comes around again the time when supervisors ritually resolve that Lakes Earl and Tolowa be … Read more

Letter: Thanks to Healthcare District for helping bring Dr. Dorgan

I would like to thank the Del Norte Healthcare District for being instrumental in bringing … Read more

Letter: Berkowitz, Gitlin don’t work well with others

Chris Howard, Lori Cowan and Gerry Hemmingsen should be commended for not voting Roger Gitlin … Read more

Letter: Our choices are determined by belief in ourselves

I read two sincere columns in last Saturday’s paper that touch on the subjects of … Read more

Letter: Three childish supervisors acting like liberals in Washington, refusing to share

I was fully infuriated reading how three Del Norte County Board of Supervisors members decided … Read more

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