Letter: Special thank you to CHP officers for acknowledging my mother

My mother, Vivian Malloy, who is 85 years old, was surprised and honored on Dec. … Read more

Letter: Brookings-Harbor High thanks those who supported charitable work

On behalf of the Brookings-Harbor High School Youth Transition Program we would like to thank … Read more

Letter: Regarding the loud boom box car thumping problem in Crescent City

Considering the loud boom box car thumping problem that Crescent City had: law enforcement gets … Read more

Del Norte should team up with Humboldt for quality air carrier

Reading that Humboldt County is also having problems attracting a quality reliable air carrier, we … Read more

Letter: Special thanks for care at Sutter Coast

A special thanks to the Sutter Coast doctors, nurses and support staff. I am writing … Read more

Letter: Polidores will be sorely missed

We are so sorry to see Dr. Tom Polidore go. Dr. Tom and his wife … Read more

Letter: Experience with poor care provided by Sutter Coast Hospital

After reading about the problems with patient care at Sutter Coast Hospital, I want to … Read more

Letter: Departure of great surgeon, Polidore, great loss to community

This is to express sadness at the news of Dr. (Thomas) Polidore’s announced leaving of … Read more

Letter: As children study current events, help them process difficult issues

As adults, we depend on the news as our primary source for information about the … Read more

Letter: Too many taxes already; no to harbor tax

Building permit tax, cigarette tax, corporate income tax, county fair tax, dog license tax, federal … Read more

Letter: Lack of recycling center is hurting seniors and homeless

It looks like we have a big problem in Crescent City now. With the recycling … Read more

Letter: Thanks to garbage collector who went the extra mile

I want to thank the nice garbage collector who picked up my bag of refuse … Read more

Letter: Cranberries articles informative, worth sharing with others

We wanted to commend you on your Nov. 11 article on Cranberries. Its depth and … Read more

Letter: DNHS girls golf thanks community for support

On behalf of the Del Norte High School Girls Golf team, I’d like to extend … Read more

Letter: Thanks to Healthcare District for improving local care

Thanksgiving is just around the corner Nov. 23. I want to give thanks to the … Read more

Letter: Trump administration’s hostility to planet’s health a terrible crime

The CEOs of giant energy companies, whose scientists understood global warming well decades ago, still … Read more

Letter: Communism is thriving and growing in the United States

About 20 years ago a high school teacher in San Jose told a number of … Read more

Letter: Thanks for veterans and for programs serving them

I want to wish a very happy Veterans Day to all of you who have … Read more

Letter: Barrons Furniture went above and beyond to give us aid; new orthopedic surgeon is amazing

I would like our community to know the help I received from sales associates working … Read more

Letter: Veterans deserve gratitude and recognition on every day throughout the whole year

On Nov. 11, 1919, President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed November 11th Armistice Day in order to … Read more

Letter: Democrats need to win one for Weinstein and Weiner

Some people are supporters of Leonard Peltier or Geronimo Pratt. I have given money at … Read more

Letter: Time is now to get rolling on our Point of Honor

With the few veterans organizations we have in our community, I’m very surprised nothing has … Read more

Letter: Say thank you to teachers who made a difference

Do you remember a favorite teacher you had in elementary, middle school, or high school? … Read more

Letter: Users should contribute to land management

Pay money to visit Lake Earl. Are you kidding me. While I can somewhat understand … Read more

Letter: Stossel fails to understand that water flows downstream, salmon swim up

Not surprisingly, while John Stossel is railing against environmentalists, CNN, and the EPA in the … Read more

Letter: Trump’s treatment of Puerto Rico is unfair

Puerto Rico is still struggling with a lack of clean water. The American citizens on … Read more

Letter: The speed limit on U.S. 199 is excessive

This might be an often asked question. Just how many wrecks have happened on the … Read more

Letter: Let concerns about hospital be heard

I learned if you have a problem with our medical system such as our Sutter … Read more

Letter: Logging is not the solution to reducing wildfires

Recently local politicians have been using the region’s fires as an excuse to push for … Read more

Letter: Idiotic to rebuild in areas devastated by hurricanes

I’m utterly astounded by the idiocy of some human beings. Case in point: Hurricane Irma. … Read more

Letter: Thanks to Walmart and CVS for locking up liquor

I would like to commend both Walmart and CVS in Crescent City for locking up … Read more

Letter: We must learn from history and let the Dreamers dream

My mother and her parents, my father’s mother and her parents weren’t U.S. citizens. Did … Read more

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