Dan Gray

When looking at the calendar it seems that summer is here. School is out, folks are looking for ways to keep their children involved with some gainful opportunities. At last, the pool is open and there are a variety of options for families to choose when they may head to the pool for some good clean family fun. Place a call to the pool or stop by to pick up a new schedule.
Call 707-464-9503.

Recently I stopped by the pool to talk with Matt Hildebrandt, pool manager, and he mentioned that currently, all of the weekday morning pool rental times were filled up. That particular week, schoolchildren from Orick made the trip to the pool for swim lessons on three separate days. Hildebrant also spoke of the recent lifeguard classes that were just finishing. He noted that three trainees would be working in Brookings when their pool opened for the summer. This training session of local youth will enable the city to maintain the necessary amount of guards to operate the facility and all of the programs. It has become clear to me that the Endert Pool is more than a local pool, but actually a regional pool that offers programs and availability within Del Norte County. Perhaps some day, DN Parks and Recreation will be able to offer a type of swim camp for the youth in the community?

At this time of year the city offers swim lessons for children. This year, more than 60 local youths will be receiving free lessons thanks to the Noll family and sponsors of the Third Annual Paddle Board Festival, which was held during the Memorial Day weekend. That, folks, is a great gift to the youth of the community. As you know, we are surrounded by water and everyone can benefit from having the skills to survive in the aquatic environment.

Meanwhile, in April the Wild Rivers Coast Masters completed their second year of the Adult Learn to Swim Program. Eighteen adults, ranging from 37 to 65 years of age, participated in a four-week, eight-session program. So many adults never had the opportunity to be taught the basics of learning how to swim and how to be safe when around the water. The volunteers who gave their time all realize how swimmers may often take for granted the skills they have developed over time. Teaching adults is so very rewarding, especially when you see the joy of learning etched across the students faces. Now, the students simply need to continue with their personal quest of feeling safe around the water, or like some students, to participate in the annual Crescent City Triathlon.

During the summer months, the local youth swim team, the Crescent City Sharks, take a break from their rigorous training. This break from scheduled practice creates a change to the pool schedule. There will be some added lap swim time as well as family recreation times. Once again, I do suggest that you stop by the pool to pick up the summer schedule.

There are believers and there are non-believers. There are doers and there are non-doers. There are those that realize that it is up to themselves to be responsible to maintain their health as best they can. There are those that want someone else to do those things for them, or just take a pill.

While moderation is an established method of livability, it is your choice of how you want to live your life. Sometimes you face uphill battles, sometimes you may want to give up, but always remember: it is your choice. Simply remember that your family, friends and acquaintances may look up to you and this may be your opportunity to shine light on how to stand up and take control of your physical situation.

A good diet, combined with exercise is actually one of the simplest methods to give yourself a fighting chance to create a healthy lifestyle. Just do it.

Happy times at the pool, plus, you will never be alone.

Dan Gray is the vice president and co-founder of the Wild Rivers Coast Masters swim club and a regular at Fred Endert Municipal Pool.