Coastal Voices: What the heck just happened?

If you attended the latest Del Norte County Board of Supervisors meeting, I don’t think … Read more

Coastal Voices: We must dare to remember that terrible day

I am writing to say how disappointed I am with what I had seen or, … Read more

Trump’s accomplishments should be celebrated and reported in paper

This is in reference to Gail Tucker’s letter, “Why Not Print Something Encouraging about Trump.” … Read more

Letter: Candidate for school board Janet Wortman is committed to area youth

I have had the pleasure of working with Janet Wortman, District 5 candidate for for … Read more

Letter: Thanks to all who helped with 2018 quilt show

The Lighthouse Quilt Guild would like to send a huge thank you to all guild … Read more

Coastal Voices: Criminal solutions don’t help homeless

The federal appeals court governing the western U.S. ruled this week that jailing or criminalizing … Read more

Letter: Promote the harbor’s tsunami shelter project

Hats off to our Harbor Master Charles Helms for his effort to promote a Tsunami … Read more

Letter: Speak out over planning commission’s cannabis vote

The Del Norte county planning commission voted 3-2 to deny county counsel’s request to approve … Read more

Angels and Desperados: 9/11, then and now

In 2011, as Del Norte County District Attorney, I was asked to join other members … Read more

Coastal Voices: Why can’t we do our own rebranding?

Lori Cowan, Wes White and Sarah Caron are all to be commended for their wonderful … Read more

Letter: How do you envision arts education future?

Designated by Congress in 2010, National Arts in Education Week celebrates the cultural and education … Read more

Letter: Thanks to medical staff for student physicals

Once again this year, I want to extend my sincerest thank you on behalf of … Read more

Gitlin’s accusation doesn’t make sense

In Tuesday’s article on Supervisor Roger Gitlin’s call to disband the Cannabis Working Group, Gitlin … Read more

Coastal Voices: Recycling has never been free

I want to set the record straight, recycling is not free. Recycling fees have always … Read more

Letter: Del Norte Democrats endorse Measure B cannabis tax

The Del Norte County Board of Supervisors have stated their intention to repeal the cannabis … Read more

Letter: Where is the outrage about unborn children ripped from the womb

As our great country is fighting about children of illegal immigrants being ripped out of … Read more

Letter: Why not print something encouraging about Trump?

After reading today’s article by Leonard Pitts I am curious if the staff and editor … Read more

Letter: Kudos to all, including Grace Lutheran, supporting fire victims

In the B Section of the Triplicate dated Aug. 28 there was the article and … Read more

Suicide prevention begins before an actual crisis

Remember this date — Dec. 31, 2016. That was the culmination of a year that … Read more

Angels and Desperados: Labor Day thoughts

I see that Labor Day is upon us once again, with the drifting away of … Read more

Letter: Resubscribed to Triplicate, see a new day at paper

After years of bringing issues to the attention of the editor and essentially being dismissed … Read more

Coastal Voices: Time to stop limiting letters

I was pleasantly surprised when I read the “Share your views with us” headline and … Read more

Letter: Recycling pickup every other week may help

In Sacramento, recycling is collected every other week. This discourages the use of the recycling … Read more

Letter: Small print in Triplicate makes it tough to read

As you must be aware, a good deal of our population are senior citizens. I … Read more

Coastal Voices: The failed recalls are over. Now what?

I canceled my subscription to the Triplicate two years ago after years of frustration attempting … Read more

Letter: Great coverage of local Little League teams at state, JV coverage absent

Thank you for the wonderful coverage given to the Little League Baseball Teams and their … Read more

Letter: Please use common sense at dog park; GoFundMe page for injured dog, Ginger

On Aug. 23, the Triplicate ran an article about my dog getting hit by a … Read more

Letter: New home in “quiet forest” has endless stream of homeless with no response

As a new resident in your beautiful county it was my privilege to be able … Read more

Letter: We have enough problems without bringing more drugs into Del Norte

I oppose recreational marijuana, cannabis, pot, reefer, bud or whatever you want to call it. … Read more

Letter: Howard needs to step down as chairman

The Del Norte County Board of Supervisions continues to wander rudderless with leadership virtually nonexistent. … Read more

Large truck drivers should learn to park

Our car has a handicap placard due to my husband’s disabilities. And, sometimes he has … Read more

Dr. Standring came to rescue on a Saturday

On Saturday, Aug. 5, I was in extreme pain from a tooth that had broken … Read more

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