Fog Bank

Fog Bank’s mascot, Bigfoot, shows off the mini-Bigfoot scavenger hunt cards. 


Del Norte County themed-clothing brand Fog Bank Clothing has spread some holiday cheer by encouraging community giving during its 12 days of Fog Bank scavenger hunt. 

“We started Fog Bank as a Del Norte brand, a community brand,” said Fog Bank cofounder Tommy Burley.  

We wanted to kind of spread the season of giving. Christmas is not just finding stuff, it’s also giving stuff, so that’s where we came up with the idea of kind of giving back to get prizes. 

So Fog Bank hosted its 12 Days of Fog Bank for the second year, a scavenger hunt encouraging participants to search for hidden mini-Bigfoot cards on each of the 12 days prior to Christmas in order to win Fog Bank gear.  

This year, they added a twist. Instead of hiding cards on each of the days, Fog Bank dedicated the first five days - from Dec. 14 to 18 - to community organizations who could use holiday donations. If people donated to those organizations anytime during that period, their names were put into a drawing for a chance to win prizes 

“These kinds of feelings and emotions are contagious, and positive emotions and giving, that’s contagious. You see one person doing it, and [then] other people do it,” Burley said.  

For those five days, Fog Bank teamed with five local organizations: the Del Norte County Unified School District, Wonder Bus, Coats for Kids, Pacific Pantry and Dogs of Del Norte. 

Last year, said Burley, his company had about 20 scavenger hunt participants. This year, he said, thanks in part to a greater following on social media, as many as 100 people may have been involved.  

Burley said the Fog Bank team will draw the winners’ names this Saturday. Each organization will be drawn separately, so that each day designated to an organization will provide a winner.  


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