Laura Jo Welter, The Triplicate

Local fire crews put out an Elk Valley Road structure fire Tuesday morning, but what set the house and garage aflame is not yet known.

Half of a house believed to be vacant was engulfed in flame by the time the Crescent City Fire Department, Crescent City Protection District and Pelican Bay Fire Department all made it to the scene at Elk Valley and Adair Street.

Pelican Bay Fire Captain Ray Rook said the fire was still growing when he and his crew of three inmates rolled up in engine 49 and were able to belay a supply line and a couple of fire attack lines.

With the early-morning wind dying down, navigating the overgrowth of brush and berry brambles to get a stream of water to the far corners of the house was the biggest challenge to putting out the fire, officials reported.

Two-and-a-half hours and roughly 10,000 gallons of water later, nothing was left smoldering and no person harmed, Crescent City Fire Captain Willy Morrison said. Still standing once the fire was out, most of the damage to the structure was said to be internal.

Morrison, with 22 yearsexperience fighting fires, said he was only supposed to be covering for the chief for 10 minutes when he got the call for this fire.

"And I didn't panic," he declared.

Fort Dick Fire was staged at the Washington station Tuesday morning to respond to city and county calls, with 21 members of Crescent City's firefighting force absorbed by efforts on the south end of town.

"It was a well-coordinated fire attack by all agencies involved," Rook said.

A CalFire prevention officer came up from the Fortuna headquarters to inspect the site of the fire and complete an origin and cause report, which is to be relayed to the Del Norte County Sheriff's Office.