By Martha Williams

It was nice to see the weather warm and sunny on the Fourth, at least during the day. But that fog just had to roll in with the fireworks.

You didn’t have to be down at the beach to see some. They were flashing all over town, and all around my church where we had gathered. I had to laugh as I tried a circuitous route home from my church afterward in order to avoid U.S. 101.

It ended up being a sort of mobile fireworks program of a sort. On every block I had to stop and wait as one display or another lit up the street in the middle of the block. It would finish, and I’d proceed to the next block, only to repeat the pattern again. So in a way, I had two sets of flashing, whistling and banging programs to entertain my Fourth.

I wonder, though, as folks enjoyed the holiday how many really even thought about the many sacrifices that bought the original Fourth? Or those who have given life and limb in the wars since to maintain this land of freedom?

Or those that may still be needed?

As this world keeps getting crazier – things like the threat from North Korea for example - what may still be demanded of us?

It’s time to put our faith in action and start praying in earnest for peace on this planet, because another war, with the weapons they are developing now, would be the most horrendous ever.

I’m fighting my own backyard war right now.

“Pride goeth before a fall...” and I was so pleased with my hothouse and the raised bed full of beets sprouting beside it. I could almost taste those beet greens already. Not.

I totally forgot about the propensity of the neighborhoods outdoor cats to find any new area of fresh soil for their private use. Boom. Nearly three rows of beets gone -demolished. Before I replant, my son-in-law is making a cover.

And if that wasn’t enough, in the hothouse my tomatoes have developed some wilting problems that will have to be addressed. The pictures I saw looked like something called tobacco mosaic. So back to the store for spray.

I think perhaps the Lord is telling me not to assume everything will simply proceed perfectly, any more than it does in any other aspect of life. We need to keep working at our faith, but also do the chores that are needed – and appreciate any help he gives us.

Thursday, the Ladies Christian Fellowship will meet at the Trinity Center of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. The meeting will start at 10:30 a.m.

There will be a speaker and special music, and a progress report on the Not Ashamed Club at the high school.

Lunch will be catered at $12 per person. Reservations are needed to assure sufficient food is ordered for everyone. For reservations, call Liz at 707-464-3539, or Bonnie at 707-482-3705.

Remember – this is open to all women. It is a Christian group, but non-denominational, with pretty much every church represented.

Friday, it’s Game Night at New Life Community church at 6 p.m. Bring a snack type item to share and your favorite game for an evening of fun and fellowship.

VBS anybody?

To reach Martha Williams, call 707-460-3000, or email