By Martha Williams

It must have been quite a sight last Friday as he drove up D Street.

An apple green pop up tent sailing along with a lady in hot pursuit. What in the world? Maybe some kids running away with it?

Last Thursday and Friday, the New Life Community Church hosted the Sutter Coast Hospital Auxiliary for a scholarship fundraiser. Part of the available items was a group of camping gear, including an adult size pop up tent.

The vendor placed some of the bigger things in the parking lot to help attract attention. Thursday, he weighted the tent down with other items as the breeze was picking up. That worked.

But Friday. Oh, Friday. Will apparently got interrupted by a sale before he added the weight to the tent to anchor it in place. And that wind picked up. Unnoticed by the rest of us, it began skimming along D Street but, as luck would have it, my friend Gloria who lived nearby, just happened to look out her window as it breezed past. Realizing its origin, she gave chase, running down the street behind it.

Driving up the street Bob West (I think that was his name) saw the fiasco. And stopped his truck, helping to snag the runaway. Picking up tent and Gloria, he brought them back to the church.

My first inkling of the situation came as Gloria entered, laughing that “It made it all the way to the post office!” And talk about “inter-church relations”....Gloria goes to the Catholic church, and Bob to Grace Lutheran. So my thanks to both of them for their help. New Life is my church — and I am the fundraiser for the Hospital Auxiliary, this was a trial run for a venue off-site from the hospital, and the church offered to help.

One of the things I have enjoyed in doing this column is getting to know so many people and pastors from other churches. It makes it easy, when a newcomer asks, to steer them toward their choices.

Vacation Bible School is finished unless another church is going to do one. I have always thought it was a good thing for the kids to have available, and for Moms to be able to send them — how well I remember, barely a few days into summer vacation, “Mom — I’m sooo bored — there’s nothing to do!!

I have nothing for this week, but in the next couple weeks, the Ladies Christian Fellowship and AGLOW will be meeting. And it seems like it might be time for something at Grace Lutheran? And Redwood family Worship Center, too?

Things should return to normal once the fair is over. Remember to be extra watchful for kids and visitors who are unfamiliar with our town. And why not greet visitors with a smile and an invitation to your church on Sunday?

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