By Martha Williams

Close calls. We’ve all had them, sometimes surviving “by the skin of our teeth”....was it luck, or was it God?

We’ve all seen those supposed miracle stories, often thinking, “You gotta be kidding, that’s just impossible.” And we’ve seen those exposures of fake healers that make it harder for us to believe the possibility of real ones.

We have a close call, and think, “Boy, was I lucky.” But was it luck?

Like anyone else, I’ve had my share of “escapes.” But there are two that can only be attributed to God’s intervention and I think he wants me to tell you about them. Maybe he knows someone needs to hear about what he did that resulted in my still being here today to encourage their faith.

Back in the 50’s, my high school summers were spent at Christian camp. By being on the staff, you got to stay all summer in that wonderful atmosphere and earn a couple dollars a week as well..

Highland Lake Bible Conference was near New York City, a beautiful spot with speakers, activities, and music that filled our days and evenings. The whole staff was required to be in the choir for each evening service, whether you could sing or not. As a singer, I loved it.

During the day we prepared vegetables for the cooks, waited on tables, and cleaned the area afterward. And we got tired.

There was a period in the afternoon when we could go swimming. A float was tethered on two opposite corners to 50 gallon drums of concrete in the deep water, with a lifeguard tower on it, and it was a favored destination..

One sunny afternoon, I swam out to the float, climbed up, and sat leaning against a leg of the tower.

The kids began gently rocking the tower, as they often did and I fell asleep.

But they got a bit rowdy that day and rocked it a lot harder. And they made it flip over. When they realized it was going, they jumped clear but I was asleep. And I woke up under water not knowing which direction was up.

Panic. I realized what had happened but I had not had the chance for a deep breath before going under, and as I struggled to find the surface, a firm hand grabbed my arm and pulled me up out of the water.

But as I broke the surface, there was no one near me. When I asked those who had made it back up on the float who pulled me up, everyone denied doing so, or seeing anyone else do it.

In the early ‘90’s, I was a nurse at Hendrick Medical Center in Abilene, Texas. I lived a few miles away, in Clyde.

Every morning, my trip took me under an underpass that had a traffic light — a light that was red 99 percent of the time, so much so that every morning as I approached it, my foot automatically reached for the brake, even when the light was green.

One morning, for some unknown reason, as I approached that red light, I kept on going, without slowing down. As I realized what I was doing, I saw a cement truck coming from the right and I knew from many years of driving that there was no time to avoid a collision. Saying, “Lord, here I come!” I prepared to die. There was a weird sensation, my car never stopped moving, and suddenly the truck was moving away to the left as I continued straight ahead. I honestly believe that the Lord enabled us to pass through each other that day.

God can do anything. I think we often just attribute to luck or human actions things that God deserves the credit for. And we fail to thank him.

What about it? Is there something you have neglected to say thank you for? How about the time that idiot driver who narrowly cuts you off just misses you? Or your attention is wandering, just to have him bring your concentration back just in time to avoid trouble?

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