By Matthew Durkee

Form the pages of the Del Norte Triplicate, August, 1967:

Excerpts from a feature report by Nate and Marilyn Bull:

A small, scattered group of girls are “running scared.” Because they think they are in love or because they are trying desperately to hold a boy, because they want to rebel or because they are dying for a little affection from a loveless (to them) society, they turn to what at superficial first glance seems the ideal solution to the problem of unwanted pregnancies: The Pill.

How psychologically damaging use of the hormone pills may be is difficult it determine without long term testing. However, at least one person The Triplicate talked to stated that some teens using the pill frequently went through emotional trauma after stopping. Guilt, worry and shame may mingle with occasional physically-produced mental depression for a bad reaction to the entire episode.

At least three girls at Del Norte High School talked openly of their sexual experience while on the pill. A high school sophomore interviewed said she had heard from separate sources that the pills were around — and available if needed. However, there is no indication they are being bootlegged illegally into the county or that girls are selling them on even a small scale. Said one member of the juvenile department: “It used to be condoms. Now it’s the pills. I don’t think the problem is increasing. It’s more likely we’re just seeing a new method.”

Tsunami wall sought

A three-headed attack seeking a tsunami wave study of the local harbor already prepared in Vicksburg, Mississippi, was launched last week as the city council, supervisors and harbor commission all passed similar resolutions.

The resolution supports the Corps of Engineers in the study, which would determine if a proposed sea wall would in fact protect Crescent City.

The corps has already made a reconnaissance study which indicated the wall if constructed, would have to go past city land and in the county and would also include some harbor commission property.

No one at the current time knows to what degree the wall should be constructed.

James Yarbrough, harbor commission member, said, “The city is fighting the battle of the seawall.”

Yarbrough reported that until the wall is constructed there will be no FHA nor S3A funds available for construction in the Crescent City lowland area.

Clausen aids GOP ballplayers’ win

WASHINGTON, D.C. — GOP congressmen made it four wins in a row last week as they downed their Democratic counterparts 9-2 in the annual baseball game at Washington’s D.C. Stadium between our nation’s lawmakers.

Crescent City’s Congressman Don Clausen, who played center field this year, has been a member of the winning GOP team since coming to Congress in 1963. This year, Clausen had one hit for two times at bat, driving in two runs for the victorious Republicans in the top of the third inning.

This year’s game features some new innovations in pitching, including the “Humphrey Slider,” the “Rusk Sinker,” and the “Bobby Kennedy Shrub Ball.” The Democrats came up with pitches of their own, such as the “Romney Fade-Away and the “Nixon Slider” — described as a “sneaky pitch which always comes in low and inside.” Prior to the game, the Democrats decided to scrap a pitch they had used unsuccessfully for several years known as “The Great Society Gopher Ball.”

Hippies denounced

Dear Editor,

Why are “hippies,” surf bums and some of the “scourgey” specimens of our society today allowed to wander aimlessly like a bunch of sheep? No one wants them, so they are chased out of every town they enter. They enjoy the curious glances of onlookers because they are in the “limelight,” but they are some of the poorest examples of our “youth” today who may someday want to follow in their footsteps.

I was sitting in a restaurant Friday afternoon watching a group of these hippies who were “hitch-hiking.”

The young men had long hair, beards and looked like they hadn’t had a bath in six months. They lay in the dust and dirt beside the road, puffing on cigarettes, while they’re girlfriends, wives or “shack jobs,” dressed in ridiculous outfits, “thumbed” a ride. …

Is this what our boys overseas are fighting to protect? Do they know that these termites are gnawing at our society, tearing the principles of cleanliness and decency and are free to wander to our youth without apprehension?

Mabel Russell,

Crescent City