By Martha Williams

Disasters like the one happening down in Texas and Louisiana are not things we like to hear about.

Nor are the forest fires that are so close to us. Or the potential for earthquakes and tsunamis. Or the sinkholes some communities are experiencing.

Our reactions to the possibilities are what’s important. We can either hibernate, freaking out in fear of the potential trouble, or make common sense preparations and trust in God to see us through. Trust, and not be afraid to say so.

Texas is on my mind these days, not only because the news is a constant reminder of what’s going on there but because it is close to me.

I lived in Texas for nine years in the ‘90’s, and those are some of the best people I’ve met over the years. And, of course, I still have family there. My nephew Kyle is helping with the disaster relief going on, having driven down from Abilene and my youngest sister Hope is a nurse in the Dallas area. While her area is not threatened, she could well end up treating survivors transferred from damaged hospitals being evacuated.

I loved Abilene. While the topography is vastly different from Crescent City, the people are much the same – the people are the best thing about both towns. If I ever had to leave Crescent City, I would go back to Abilene. But I never want to leave – somehow, I feel too attached to that big body of water at the edge of town. That, and those trees that, to someone from back east, are just too big to be possible.

And, it may not be over. There’s another storm lurking that I heard on the news today may achieve a Cat 5 status, and apparently has the potential of hitting them all over again. Not the kind of news anyone wants to hear.

I think the best thing we can all do is start every day with a special prayer for all of our country, keeping in mind the each and every part of it has it’s own possible disaster. Pray it doesn’t happen, and for God’s help in managing if it does.

It’ll be a couple weeks before we have anything going on, unless something pops up. The Ladies Christian Fellowship will meet on the second Thursday, and AGLOW on the third Tuesday of the month. A Game night, and possibly a movie night at New Life Community church are in the works as well.

Don’t forget to start collecting those items for the Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts. I love seeing just how many things I can pack into a shoebox; amazing how much that can be if you manage it just right. Remember that the finished boxes leave here in the middle of November, because they go all over the world as well as here in the USA. You are welcome to call me if you have a question about the boxes.

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