By Martha Williams

The computer gremlin has attacked again. Last week, it didn’t send this column but did not indicate so. It was working fine earlier Thursday when I checked email but now it won’t bring up email. So, the editor gets stuck with a paper copy, and I’ll be making a trip to Chuck’s.

I sure do miss my grandson Stephen. He used to keep things working well. It was great having my own personal computer expert in the house.

I was shocked when I went out to get the mail today. It was cold. And after it was like an oven Wednesday in my truck. And they say white reflects the sun’s rays. Guess my truck is an exception. The cab heats up fast even in winter just from the sun when it’s shining.

It was a reminder of the weather soon to come. All that rain and cold wind. You have to feel for those homeless folks living outside when it gets like that. Whatever the reason for their state, they are all fellow human beings.

We all need to help if we can. Our Daily Bread, CAN and some of our churches do what they can. Even a little thing can help.

I’m crocheting warm hats for the event Oct. 21 in the park held every year by the Redwoods Family Worship Center. While not the church I attend, they do a good thing with this event, providing items to help keep people warm during the winter months.

Imagine what it would be like if you found yourself Iiving outside, trying to find shelter and keep warm?

What things might you have stashed away in attic, garage, or shed that you no longer use; tent, sleeping bag, tarps? Jackets no longer worn, but still usable?

We lose heat from our heads first when out in the cold. That’s why I make hats. I always have a good stash of yarn and what better use for those leftover half-skeins than the gift of a warm hat? Since I’m not a camper, I don’t have the bigger things, so I provide what i can.

If you have something you can donate, call 707-465-4685, or Terry at 707-954-1231. They’ll need time to get all the stuff ready for the event, which will start at 11 a.m. on that day.

It looks like October is going to be a bit busier that what we’ve had lately.

Temple Beth Shalom

For Temple Beth Shalom, Friday was Yom Kippur, and today there will be services at the temple at 10 a.m., continuing all day with Yizkor services starting at 5 pm. The service for October will be Oct. 20 in the Curry Coastal Pilot building in Brookings at 7 p.m., and Oct. 21 at 10 a.m. in the Pilot building.

Grace Lutheran Church

Grace Lutheran Church will be presenting “Martin: a Life of Martin Luther,” a live and original one-man portrayal written and performed by Allen Lemke Oct. 8 at 6 p.m. It recounts the life of Martin Luther and includes a retelling of the Gospel. Comments by those who have seen it have been very positive. The performance lasts approximately 70 minutes.

Grace Lutheran Church

Then on Oct. 21 from 11a.m. to 7 p.m., Grace Lutheran will sponsor a community fundraiser for Hurricane relief at the fairgrounds. You can eat in, or take out, for a $10 donation. Donations will be matched by Thrivent Financial. Tickets will be available at the fairground, or at Grace Lutheran, 188 E. Cooper.

Crescent City Seventh-day Adventist

The Crescent City Seventh-day Adventist church will be holding their annual Cooking Class Oct. 22 at 2 p.m. The theme this year will be Holiday cooking, “A Vegan Thanksgiving.” There will be cooking demonstrations, door prizes, recipe handouts and food samples. Some of the offered samples will include homemade ravioli, chickpea cutlets, herb-onion bread, onion and cauliflower casserole and much more.

Because there is limited seating, if you are interested, call the church, 707-464-2738. Leave your name and number to reserve your free seating. You will be called back with your reservation confirmation. The class will be held in the church multi-purpose room.

Halloween Events

And, last but not least, Halloween is coming. Some of our churches hold harvest parties to give kids safer alternatives to trick or treating. Please let me know if you will be doing so.

To contact Martha Williams, call 460-3000, or email