By Donna Hughey

One of the most common fears among people is the fear of an uncertain outcome. Whether it’s about changing jobs, getting married, or taking up ballroom dancing, some of us tend to push aside something we may really want to do because we fear the unknown.

Life would be so much easier if everything we undertook came with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, right? But we’ve all heard the old adage, “Life doesn’t come with any guarantees.”

However, there actually is a sure thing, a 100 percent guarantee that all believers can count on — our promised salvation. In fact, God guarantees our salvation with a seal of the Holy Spirit on his people.

Listen to how Scripture describes the Holy Spirit’s seal of guarantee on our salvation:

“He has put his brand upon us — his mark of ownership — and given us his Holy Spirit in our hearts as guarantee that we belong to him, and as the first installment of all that he is going to give us” (2 Corinthians 1:22 TLB).

And again with:

“And because of what Christ did, all you others too, who heard the Good News about how to be saved, and trust Christ, were marked as belonging to Christ by the Holy Spirit, who long ago had been promised to all of us Christians. His presence within us is God’s guarantee that he really will give us all that he promised; and the Spirit’s seal upon us means that God had already purchased us and that he guarantees to bring us to himself” (Ephesians 1:13-14 TLB).

So what is God saying when he gives us his Holy Spirit and calls him our guarantee? He’s telling us that he has redeemed us by the blood of his Son and has put his Spirit inside all who believe as a seal and guarantee. Make no mistake; we will receive the inheritance he’s promised.

God’s desire for his people is that we feel secure in our salvation and he provides a way for just that. Because we have the seal of the Spirit in our hearts, we can live lives full of confidence, assurance, and certainty. And rest assured, no one can break the seal of God. No one.

This week why not celebrate the fact that you have been chosen, you have been redeemed, you have been sealed by God’s spirit, and your inheritance is sure.

After all, our salvation is worth celebrating, don’t you think?

Award-winning Christian author and columnist Donna Hughey lives in Crescent City.