By Martha Williams

I just want to hibernate. Apparently, after 15 years, I have finally become acclimated to our climate and I am feeling the cold.

The cooler weather felt so good when I first arrived in ‘02, having left Kansas that September on a 94-degree day. But I suppose it’s still a lot better the East side of the country, where the rest of my family is — even down South they’ve got snow.

Oh, I loved the stuff when I was a kid — and we had plenty where I grew up. Our school sat high up on a hill, and the side yard of that property was terraced just perfectly for the best sledding experience you can imagine. At the bottom, there was a long flat area that guaranteed no one could accidentally slide into the street.

If that wasn’t enough, a family in our church who lived on a farm would host our youth group on some of our Saturday evening meetings and there was lots more fun with the white stuff — fun followed by warming up with hot chocolate and cookies, and hearing one of the stories from the Bible and seeing what lesson we could learn from it.

Things were so different then. We had plenty of outdoor fun whatever the weather, fun that wasn’t interrupted by those little rectangular boxes that everyone from 3 to 100 seems glued to these days.

The ability to communicate any time anywhere may be a convenience but I wonder just what all it really takes away from us? Face-to-face communication. Not just looking, but actually seeing, the wonders around us that God has given us and letting him know how much we appreciate it? Or enjoying the antics of those four-footed family members who crave our attention? More than that, our children?

The world is ever changing and we can’t be sure what tomorrow will bring. Whether by nature, or evil acts, our closest relationships could be taken away without warning. Perhaps we should all put the phones down for awhile every day to let our loved ones know just how important they are to us.


AGLOW meets Tuesday noon to 2 pm at the Apple Peddler restaurant on U.S. 101 south. Topic for discussion will be God’s anointing on our lives. That does give us something to think about. Do we go about, blindly forward according to our own desires, or do we try to live as He wants us to?

Crochet group

Always wanted to learn to crochet? Here’s your chance.

Vickey Stamps and several other ladies meet 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. every Tuesday at the Sonshine house by New Life Community Church. I don’t know how many times someone has said to me, “I always wanted to learn, but just never did.” I go sometimes — not to learn because I’m an old hand at it — but for the fellowship and perhaps to help if someone does come who wants to learn. Just bring a skein of yarn and a crochet hook and they’ll help you get started.

Please keep the information on your activities coming. Here’s an idea for a time when things seem to be dragging: Get all our churches together on a Sunday afternoon, and sing. Specials, vocal and instrumental, and everybody sing those good old hymns — what an afternoon it could be.

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