By Martha Williams

Surprises. We get them, totally unexpected. And sometimes they are happy ones. God does that for us just when we need a little cheering up.

I don’t like the wind when it is so fast and hard it makes me feel like it’s going right through to my bones. Days like that certainly aren’t pleasant — but just the kind of day when a surprise perks you up.

Last year, I bought a white hyacinth in a pot, in full bloom. I love that wonderful fragrance! In time, it died back, and I set the pot outside, thinking to put the bulb in the ground. Then I read an article saying that would not be worth doing.

The pot sat on my back porch, and the other day I went out to put a bag of trash in the can. Oh. What was this?

That pot was crammed full of small, strongly growing bulbs — a couple even with tiny flowers. What a cheerful sight in the midst of rain clouds and wind! I brought it inside, and it’s growing nicely, though about to outgrow its home. Come spring, I think they will go in the flower bed. There must be at least 10 bulbs about the size of a quarter in that pot — what a potential fortune in fragrance.

It’s another reminder that we humans don’t know everything, and that God has many ways of reminding us of that.

Things are still slow, but they will start picking up soon.

Thursday, the Ladies Christian Fellowship will meet at the Trinity Center of St. Paul’s Episcopal church. The meeting starts at 10:30 a.m. and all women are welcome. The group is multi-denominational, with the membership comprised of women from pretty much all our churches.

This months meeting will be a bit different, as our leader is on vacation.

Gay McWhirter will lead the meeting. The speaker will be Louise Fugate, a long-time resident of Del Norte county, an author and Bible teacher.

Music this time will be provided by all — the group will be led in singing some grand old hymns and a praise song or two. Music is a wonderful way to praise the Lord. There’s just something special about a group of people raising their voices in song.

The group currently helps to support the Not Ashamed club at the high school, and receives a monthly update on how they are doing. They are a great bunch of kids.

Lunch will be catered by Lesina Family Catering at $12 per person. You will need to make a reservation, so they will know how much food to order. To do that, call Bonnie at 707-482-3705.

Please be sure to keep me updated on your special things you want included here. I appreciate your emails more than you know.

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