By Matthew Durkee

From the pages of the Del Norte Triplicate, February 1938:

Labor trouble involving a dispute between Hobbs, Wall & Company and its employees came to a peaceful end late yesterday after sixteen weeks’ tie-up of all departments of the company’s operations here, including suspension of steamer service to San Francisco.

The trouble originated at the company’s store, involving members of the Teamsters’ Union. Later the men in the woods went on strike over the question of seniority rights and the company closed the sawmill and yards here.

A series of conferences between union officials, members of a citizens’ committee, which included V.K. Meedom, Wm. McGilvary and Dr. A.D. DeMartin and Chas. H. Jonas, managing director of the company, finally culminated in success yesterday afternoon. All pickets were withdrawn from the company’s store and lumber plant at four o’clock.

Few details were available since the conferences were closed to the public, although jubilation reigned supreme at the Labor Temple last night where members of various unions, particularly the Sawmill and Timberworkers, Local 61, a CIO affiliate, gathered to celebrate the “back-to-work” move.

Queer quirks of storm

A number of people attended the talkies at the Endert Theater in Crescent City Sunday evening and found a storm raging when they came home. The early-to-beds were luckier than Rocky Peterson and Ted Westbrook, who found themselves on the wrong sides of a tree, too large to drive over, in the redwoods south of Fort Dick. They solved the problem, Ted driving Rocky’s car on to Smith River and Rocky “fording” back to town. They exchanged cars on Monday.

Del Norte Indians expect Congress to make good on terms of treaty

The Del Norte Indian Welfare Association is looking forward to an unusually active year in ’38, according to Sam Lopez, who was recently re-elected president of the group.

Legislation now pending in Congress and designed to give the Indians government aid for which they have waited since 1851 is expected to meet favorable action at the present session.

According to Lopez, at the present time there are two bills pending before Congress designed to give the Indians of northern California a just settlement under the terms of the original treaty.

The Del Norte Indians, through the Indian Welfare Association, are doing all they can to secure the passage of this legislation at an early date and from indications and information received by officials of the association, the long-looked-for payoff is near at hand.

Fish bootleggers deplete river

Steelhead and salmon illegally taken from Smith River with nets continue to be shipped from Del Norte County by the truckload in spite of all the efforts being made by officials of the state Fish and Game Department to halt this fish bootlegging. Discouraged in previous attempts to stop netting on the Smith River by lack of cooperation on the part of local authorities and indifferent public opinion, the state fish and game commission is once more making a determined drive to against the outlaws and will eventually whip the poachers.

Meanwhile this section of the state is being robbed and plundered of one of its greatest natural resources while those of us who will be affected most where it hurts greatest stand idly and merely yell “stop thief!” … probably to wake up when it is too late and the fish are completely gone.

Capt. Dondero, head of the game patrol in this part of the state, and other officials of the department familiar with the situation here, felt highly elated when the legislature recognized their appeal for help by passage of an act which practically makes it unlawful to have a fish net in possession anywhere in Del Norte County.

However the first time this law was tested in the courts here the state officers found they still had another and bigger hurdle to pass … lack of cooperation from local law enforcement agencies.

Hitler’s anti-Jew drive revealed at Kiwanis meet

The Crescent City Kiwanis Club met at the Swiss Inn Wednesday noon with Rev. Hugh A. Huddleson as program chairman.

The guest speaker of the day was Rev. M. Zutrau, a Christian Jew, who addressed the club on the subject of “Hitler and the Jews.”

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