A local author recently completed a kids’ book about a local landmark, told from a uniquely local perspective. Georgia Cockerham said it took her about nine months from concept to publishing, her book, “Bos’n Benny” and the Saint George Reef Lighthouse.

According to Cockerham, it’s the story of the construction of the lighthouse, as told by the marine animals whose parents had watched it being built. The story delves into the installation of several key parts of the structure, including the need for a fresnel lens in order to shine a brighter light.

“It’s an educational and whimsical story for kids,” she said, noting that she also illustrated it. Cockerham said she researched the construction with help from the Saint George Reef Lighthouse Preservation Society.

Saying she has lived here since 2004, Cockerham said she was touched by the Society’s request to produce the book, as the lighthouse has become special to her.

Cockerham said she has published other works of poetry and self-healing, and is working on a series of murder mysteries said to take place in and around Brookings.

“The crimes and characters are fiction, but the locations are real,” she said.

The books are available at Del Norte Office Supply, and on Amazon. She said they will also be available at Barnes & Noble.