By Martha Williams

Corned beef and cabbage. It’s almost time for one of my favorite dinners. But what is it all about?

I never really paid that much attention to who or what St. Patrick was, other than he was Irish.

So I decided to look him up. Apparently, while he is considered the patron saint of Ireland, he was not actually Irish, but British.

He was a Christian missionary in Ireland and there is a legend that he banished all the snakes from that country when he chased them all into the sea for attacking him during a 40-day fast at the top of a hill.

At least, this is what my phone tells me when I say “OK, Google” and ask who he was.

Perhaps the reason I never thought that much about him was the result of being raised by Welsh grandparents. Every St. Patrick’s Day, the Welsh would wear orange and voice quite clearly their dislike of the Irish. I never did understand why — they always struck me as pretty interesting people. But then, they also did not like Italians. Hmm … never made sense to me. I liked all people, no matter what their origin. And the ones from other places were always so much more interesting. And disliking someone because he is different is just plain wrong.

So, we celebrate him on March 17 with a traditional meal of corned beef and cabbage. I’ve always done it on top of the stove in a huge stew pot but last time my daughter used the crock pot and it came out great. However it gets fixed, I’m definitely looking forward to it.

There are all kinds of missionaries, and mission projects.

The youth group, Redeemed at Redwood Family Worship Center is planning a trip to Mexico.

Their goal is to build a house for a needy family and they will need some help financing the project. On March 17, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. they will hold an enchilada dinner. There will be a choice of beef or chicken enchiladas, rice and beans, and a dessert, to eat in, or as take out.

Tickets will cost $10 and be available at Del Norte Office Supply, or by calling 707-954-1233.

There will also be a variety of art and arts and crafts for sale. Why not check it out and help them out in this worthy project.

As we come closer to Easter, we should be having a number of special services in our churches. With a variety of denominations, and traditions that may differ a bit from each other, Easter can be a time rich in music and beautiful services. After all, it is the time we celebrate that Christ did indeed arise to give us the faith we have today.

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