By Martha Williams

Over the years, I’ve started this column with any number of things — my cats, plants, things seemed to help focus on some aspect of faith, or to lead into an event.

But a sudden flash of memory after seeing a small dog a few days ago brought back another one.

When I first came back here 17 years ago, I had two little dogs; Yorkies — the tiny ones. Mother and daughter, together their weight only totaled seven pounds.

Pixie was the mama dog, and was she something when it came to danger. I learned early on she was an unbelievably sensitive little creature, above and beyond the average. And I learned that if she growled, watch out for the person she was focused on.

The first time, I was traveling back to New York to pick up my daughter. The NYS Thruway has a number of toll booths and we had stopped at a couple without incident. But at the next one, look out. I had opened the window to hand the guy my money when Pixie suddenly erupted in snarls and growls. I barely caught her in time as she was literally launching herself out the window after him.

I had no idea why she behaved that way but in time I would learn she had a fantastic sense of evil people. The next place I lived, a year or so later, she chased the cable guy right out of the house, nipping at his heels all the way.

With anyone else, she was sweet and friendly, actually calmer than average for a “yapper” as these little dogs are often called. Over the years, she would always warn me if someone could be a threat.

As Christians, we have another helper. If we listen, the Holy Spirit is there to warn us. If we listen.

I learned that one the hard way.

I was planning a trip from Texas to Kansas to see another daughter on a certain day. When that day came, I suddenly felt I was being told not to go but to wait until the following day. Crazy, I thought...and went anyway.

I was going across the Rockwall bridge. It’s like four lanes wide, one bridge going east and another span going west. I was in the second to left lane and the lanes were packed. The breakdown lane was far right.

And my right front tire blew. Long story short, I made it safely to the breakdown lane — but if I had listened to those prompts and waited, the blowout would have happened in Abilene, where it would have been much safer and easier to deal with — this was before everyone had cell phones.

God is always watching out for us but we need to be open to receive what he’s trying to get through to us.

The folks at Heaven’s Connection can tell you about that.

There was an admonition to fast and pray many years ago to the Mom, and she did it.

And there was a terrible accident, and a dead son, who was revived at the hospital but with little hope of more than a vegetative existence. But God is good, and he began to recover.

When I first met them, he has a shuffling gait and hesitant speech. In the years since, I have seen continued improvement and he sings beautifully. Want the whole story?

Come to New Life Community Church 6 p.m. April 15 for their story and an evening of music, praising God, and a lot of laughs as Virgil brings their program with a liberal sprinkling of humor.

For Temple Beth Shalom folks, the Passover Seder will take place 3 p.m. today in Brookings at St. Timothy’s Church. Please contact Vivien at 541-412-7105 regarding what to bring.

Thursday, the Ladies Christian Fellowship will meet in the Trinity Center of St. Paul’s Episcopal church. The speaker will be George Olson. a local resident and retired teacher, who is active in Christian education, evangelism, and mission work.

There will also be special music, prayer, and good fellowship. All women are welcome to this non-denominational group.

Reservations are needed to order food. For reservations or further information, call Liz at 707-464-3539, or Bonnie at 707-482-3705.

Lunch will be catered by Lesina Family catering at $12 per person.

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