By Martha Williams

I’m sure ready for warmer, drier weather.

It’s not the rain so much — I’m just really tired of all that wind driving it. There’s a beautiful camellia outside my front door, and it’s a wonder there were any buds left on it to bloom.

And the blooming of all my flowers seems crazy this year. That camellia that usually bloomed in December and January, has just in the last week started showing lots of color. The tulips and irises have been greeting me for weeks, blooming extra early.

God has once again been showing me he can throw a curve my way once in awhile. They’re reminding me there’s soon going to be a lot of work to do, replanting the hot house and raised bed. I hope I can find more of those little purple tomatoes this year. They were very productive, and good eating. But the top prize was earned by the orange cherry tomatoes, sweet as sugar, and non-stop all season.

I’m trying to decide about the strawberries, though. I put in 12 plants last year, and they produced, though I’m not sure who for. I think I got two berries total. One day there would be be a bunch almost ripe and the next day they’d be gone. A cover didn’t help. I rather suspect those masked bandits were the most likely suspects.

And I most certainly will not put a butternut squash plant in the hothouse again. It took over almost the whole place. I think it will grow next to the fence this year. And much as I hate to admit it, I’m not up to all that work any more. Thankfully, I have a son-in-law willing to help.

We have a couple events this week. As I’ve said before, usually right after Christmas and Easter, things have a tendency to slow down for a bit.

Heaven’s Connection will bring their program to New Life Community Church tomorrow evening at 6 p.m. It’s always a pleasure to have them come. Their program is a wonderful combination of music, worship, and humor. Many of their songs have been written by them and they usually have cd’s in case you want more than just a memory of the music. If you’ve never come to New Life, it’s on the corner of 2nd and D streets. Come and hear the music, and their inspiring story.

AGLOW meets Tuesday noon to 2 p.m. The location has changed from the Apple Peddler to the recreation room at the Summer Park Apartments. Drinks and snacks will be provided and you can bring food if you wish. There will be a devotional, prayer and singing praises.

Questions? Call Ann at 707-457-2318.

Our next special day on the calendar comes up in a couple weeks. How this year is flying by.

Mother’s Day is almost upon us, so please be sure to let me know what your church plans to mark the day. My computer problems are solved, so feel free to email.

To contact Martha Williams, call 460-3000, or email