By Martha Williams

Some people worship God in their own way, perhaps at home, because they have become disenchanted with organized religion, wanting no part of any established church. And with so many denominations and versions of the same denomination, it can become quite confusing for some.

We have two Church of Christ churches and at one point a few years ago, there were three Baptist churches, though only one now. But we also have Catholic, Episcopal, Lutheran, Methodist, a number of non-denominational, and more — just about anything you could want.

Services can vary from traditional to contemporary, with differences in the style of worship and music.

I started going to church on my own when I was in eighth grade at the invitation of a friend from school. It was a small Baptist church, and I continued there throughout high school until I went away to work in a different town. Then came a lot of years of not attending.

When I started going to church again, they were all Baptist,as I moved from one place to another. Then, I came back to Crescent City. For the first few years, I went to Oceanview Baptist until it began to change in ways that were uncomfortable to me. My best friend was attending New Life Community Church, (non-denominational) so I went one Sunday morning about 10 years ago and have been there since. It’s the one that’s right for me.

We all have to find the church that fits. But what suits you?

Music is a big part of worship for me and I love those grand old hymns but I like a combination and that’s what we do at New Life.

Instrumentally, we have the piano, and occasionally a guitar.

Other churches vary from no instruments to many, including quite a variety of instruments. Some folks don’t like that....but as I was reading in Psalms this morning, the psalmist was saying to praise the Lord with singing and a whole list of instruments.

Whatever your comfort zone, you’ll find it here, because we have so many churches.

Worship style? It goes from strictly traditional to very charismatic, and some churches have two services, one traditional and one contemporary. Some also have an additional service in Spanish.

So if you’ve been away from church for awhile, why not start going again? Check out the directory at the bottom of this page, and see all the choices you have.

On April 29, there will be a free urgent care dental clinic at the Seventh Day Adventist church. It will start at 7 a.m.

A dental X-ray will be done with extraction or filling as needed, on a first come, first served basis.

For further information, call 707-464-2738.

Three weeks to Mother’s Day.

My Mom has been gone for 12 years now, though it seems like only yesterday. One of the hymns we sing at our church was her favorite — “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow” — but she is the one who introduced it to me.

I sang it at her funeral and it was several years before I could sing it without tears threatening. She became a Christian later in life and when I visited, we would go to the piano and sing the songs we loved. Those were some very special times.

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