By Martha Williams

We may find it easy to laugh at others but how about laughing at ourselves?

My granddaughter is going to be married around Labor Day and it’s going to be a really big affair. The gown she’s chosen is beautiful and there are supposed to be something like six or eight bridesmaids.

So, this grandmother of the bride needs to find an appropriate dress for the occasion. No simple task because on the rare occasion I wear a dress, I watch to make sure the ceiling isn’t about to come crashing down.

I find myself laughing at what some women wear these days, because I think some of today’s styles are utterly ridiculous. Each person’s choice is their own to make, however, and if they are happy.

I know. It’s got to be a dress. I’ve been looking in catalogs and online. There are some pretty ones, for sure. But as I looked, and found a couple I thought would do, I was struck how old they will make me look. Oh, no – they would never do. And then I had to laugh – at me. After all with almost 80 years behind me, I am, plain and simply, old. No dress is going to change that.

God gives us many seasons in life, and guides us through them if we let him. Each one has its joys and its trials. Our beautiful baby becomes a toddler who runs us ragged; soon she’s in kindergarten, and boom. School days are over.

Before you know it, she has children of her own, and the cycle starts over. But that’s when the fun part comes, as you watch your grandchildren grow.

That was a pretty interesting thing for my Mom. When she married again a number of years later, she gave me four more siblings — three brothers and another sister. My children were arriving at the same time and there were many days, when we visited, it was more like a three-ring circus.

What will your church be doing to mark Mother’s Day? Ours will have a potluck following the service.

On May 18, the New Life Community church will hold a variety night, the first one in quite awhile. People will entertain using the various talents God has given them, and all are welcome to attend. It starts at 6 p.m. There will be a combination of musical and non-musical presentations.

Game night will return June 15.

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