Hoping to bring more business to his community, a Klamath man has thrown down the gastronomic gauntlet: Visitors to Country Club Bar and Grill can earn fame and glory if they can devour a dozen hot wings in 10 minutes or a 2 pound burger and basket of fries in 20.

The eating challenges will be held from 3 p.m.-8 p.m. Wednesdays and Thursdays starting this week, according to Tim Lesondak, an employee of Kenny’s Country Kitchen, located in the bar.

While the burger challenge comes with a pitcher of water, soda or beer, the hot wing challenge doesn’t include any beverages, Lesondak said. Napkins and breaks are forbidden and the challenger must sign a waiver. Once they’ve eaten the last wing, the challenger must then sit at the table for five minutes, Lesondak said.

“You have to sit there for five minutes with nothing to drink, no help and hope you can make it,” he said. “I made the sauce myself and it is used with a very, very hot pepper. They are extremely hot.”

Lesondak said he and the owners of the Country Club Bar and Grill and Kenny’s Country Kitchen came up with the challenge about two to three months ago. Hoping to draw more people to the tiny community, they decided that they needed something both fun and challenging, Lesondak said.

With the possibility of a recreational salmon season this year, Lesondak said he also hopes Klamath’s economy will improve.

“It’s one of those things where you hear a lot about people talking about when they go somewhere there’s a wing challenge or a burger challenge or a steak challenge. It’s always something that’s talked about,” Lesondak said. “We thought, why not try it?”

The burger contest costs $25 for a 2 pound burger and a basket of fries. The challenger must finish everything with no help in 20 minutes. If they’re successful, their $25 will be refunded and they’ll receive a certificate, a picture on Facebook and a 50 percent off coupon for a future visit to Kenny’s Grill, according to the flyer.

The hot wing challenge is $15 for a dozen wings. The challenger who is successful will receive a $15 refund, certificate and a 50 percent off coupon for a future visit to Kenny’s Grill. Their picture will also be taken and posted to Facebook.

The challenges are available to patrons 21 years old and older.