By Martha Williams

I love watching the neighbor kids at play.

At least now the weather is such that they can run and play games outside. I have a neighbor with lots of kids, and they help me when it comes to missing my own family. These youngsters are so sweet and courteous it’s a treat for me to know them.

It’s not that I have a shortage of them in my own family… it’s just that they are all so far away. My own fault, of course, for falling in love with our North Coast and deciding to make my home here.

My grandchildren are all grown, carving out lives of their own. The youngest went into the Army on his 19th birthday last year, and is now serving in South Korea. He says he likes it. I worry about him, of course.

And great-grands? Shall I say almost too many to count? But they are all way too far away.

So, I’ve “adopted” my neighbors as surrogate grandkids and I just love them. The sound of their laughter, and the cheerful greetings they call to me from across the street often make my day.

It doesn’t matter that they are of a different ethnicity. I get so aggravated with people who look down on others because they are different — that’s just wrong. Just as God made flowers of varying types, he also made a lot of varieties of people. Certainly keeps things from getting boring.

When it comes to plant varieties, my hothouse is now on it’s way to the next crop of tomatoes and peppers. And, no, I wasn’t dumb enough to include a squash plant in there this year… that will go outside. As I’ve said before, I’m happiest surrounded by green and growing things.

There is just one event I’m aware of this week.

There will be a Ladies Tea at Redwood Family Worship Center at 11 a.m. today.

It will “be a wonderful time” of fellowship, good food and a powerful message from Laurie King.

The theme will be “In the Garden, Intimacy with God.”

There will also be a silent auction. Tickets will be available at Del Norte Office Supply, Coast Central CU, and by calling 707-954-1233.

To contact Martha Williams, call 707-460-3000, or email .