By Martha Williams

Monday is Memorial Day.

I remember the events we had in my little home town when I was a kid, starting with the parade, and then games and contests for everybody that wanted to participate. We knew the soldiers were special people but before we were old enough to understand the sacrifices they made, it was mostly a day to have fun.

My Dad had been in the Navy, serving in the Philippines. Four of his five brothers served, one also in the Navy, one in the Air Force, and two in the Army. I remember the little flag my grandmother hung in the front window, showing five stars — one for each son serving.

My sons were not in the service. Both were extremely dyslexic, and were not accepted. But both had jobs that filled needs; one in the hospital as head of maintenance, and the other at a large vineyard/winery on the slope above Seneca Lake.

I’ll never forget, a few years ago when I made a trip back there, seeing him driving the grape harvester across that so-steep hillside. Scared the tar out of me to see him doing that. It was quite a machine, with him sitting way up high, the thing straddling the row of grapes, it’s hydraulic legs changing length independently, according to the slope.

In the years since, Memorial Day has reminded me of the lost sons of friends. And I would think how thankful I was that I never had to lose one of mine.

But now, another generation is grown, and like others, now I worry. My grandson Scott is in the Army, stationed in South Korea. The one thing I can do is pray. And I can hardly wait until he is home again. This kid that loved driving hot cars is now driving some awfully big vehicles. Of course, he loves it. As for me, I just keep praying that things don’t explode over there.

So Monday, send up prayers of thanks for our men and women who have come home — and prayers for the comfort of the families whose men and women serving our country came home in flag-draped coffins.

School will soon be out for the summer, and that means another round of events —

Vacation Bible School.

Grace Lutheran will hold VBS June 25-29, from 9 a.m. to noon. The theme this year will be Rolling River Rampage, a White Water rafting Adventure, Experiencing the Ride of a Lifetime with God.

The program is for kids age 4 to the 6th grade. Call 707-464-4712 to pre-register.

One other email I was waiting for did not arrive. The phone call was not clear, so hopefully I will hear from that one again. And hopefully, others. VBS is a great thing for the kids, a time of fun and learning about God.

Temple Beth Shalom

Temple Beth Shalom will be saying farewell to Rabbi Les who is retiring. His last Shabbat service and class will be held June 1 and June 2 at the Curry Coastal Pilot conference room. Whenever you see him, be sure to wish him well and give him your thanks for the years of his service to the community.

In a couple weeks, it will be Father’s Day.

Father’s Day. A great day to honor the father’s in our lives — a day that gives me pause — those two wonderful sons in my life are now… grandfathers. And if that’s not enough, their birthdays bracket Father’s Day this year. (My younger son was actually born on Father’s Day.)

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