By Martha Williams

The Bible tells us we should tell the truth.

I wonder, however, if those who write the ads for the things we are told about on TV even know the truth about the products they are touting.

How many of them have you purchased, thinking, “What a great idea” only to find they either work very poorly, or not at all? Or else it’s just that for nearly every one of these things, I got the one bad apple?

I’ve only bought a few of these things. A can opener that worked for awhile, until the battery died and there was no way to put in a new one. A broom that worked so poorly it was unrecognizable from the one I watched perform so nicely on the screen. A couple other things that did absolutely nothing.

Of course, I’d feel foolish, and swear off falling for any more such craziness. And then along would come something else and I’d think how neat it sounded.

When I started seeing the ads on my computer about Pretty Litter I laughed and thought, “Here we go again — that’s crazy.” Until I started reading about it on some pet sites.

I was aware that senior cats can develop diabetes and other health issues. That litter is white, but would change color depending on acidity/alkalinity of the kitty’s urine, with extremes in change indicative of problems. Since Mini is 10, and Jake 9 (yes, the Jake in my book), I decided I’d probably be an idiot but would try it.

I have found, from feedback, that folks like it when I pass on something helpful.

Pretty Litter has been in my cat litter boxes for a week now. And I think it’s amazing if it continues to work as well by the end of the month. But thus far, the cats love it, and so do I.

The color has assured me my cats are OK. There are no clumps to dig out, that clayey yuk that fills up trash so fast. Instead, when a spot of color indicates use, you just stir the litter around, distributing it. It quickly evaporates. You do “scoop the poop” but it also has immediately started to dry out. I think my trash from these boxes will weigh a bare minimum of what it used to.

I was concerned about odor but that seems to be OK, too. At first, I thought it would be expensive, but when I added up what I spent in the litter I was using, which was so dusty, it just about equalled out.

While I’m at it, there’s one more helpful thing I’ve found, for both our cats and our dogs.

I don’t like putting chemicals on them. A couple years ago, we came up with an awful infestation of fleas, though I was using Advantage. It had simply stopped working. Searching for alternatives, I tried a gadget called The Ultimate Flea Trap. It took two weeks to get rid of them, but in the two years since, we have not had a single flea.

These little furry companions God has given us deserve good care in return for the love they show us.

It’s that time again. Vacation Bible School programs are being scheduled at some of our churches. So far, we have:

Church of the Nazarene: June 18 -21, 9 a.m. to noon. While there is no charge, space is limited. Call Lynn Wheeler at 925-413-1044.

Grace Lutheran church: June 25 – 29, 9 a.m. to noon. The program, Rolling River Rampage, is for kids age 4 thru sixth grade. Call 707-464-4712 to pre-register.

The Crochet classes at New Life Community church have come to an end. The instructor is unable to continue. Hopefully in the future, a new one will be found. We wish Vickie Stamps the best with hearty thanks for all the time she has put into the class.

There has been a change for the final service with Rabbi Les and the Saturday class for Temple Beth Shalom. The final service was held Friday night, and the class will be held today at 10:30 a.m.

Don’t forget Father’s Day is coming up, so send what you want mentioned.

To contact Martha Williams, call 460-3000, or email .