By Martha Williams

Flags are beginning to fly in various places around town, just the beginnings of displays that I’m sure will increase as we get closer to the Fourth next week.

Mine is just a small one, and I usually set it in a pot of geraniums by my front door, because I don’t have a larger one.

Whatever the size, it stands for the same thing: our country.

It stands for those who have built and protected our country in the past and those who serve now – those of whom my grandson Scott is now a part, in the Army serving in South Korea.

But I wonder what our founders would think if they could see us now.

I’m sure they would marvel at the electronic gadgetry, communications, and transportation things available to us. They might shake their heads at all the political wrangling, comparing it to all the stuff they went through.

They’d probably note with some surprise the number of various denominations and the number of churches in a single town like ours. That’s one point that keeps me wondering. All these great churches in one town. Our founders came because they did not want to be under the thumb of the Church of England, but to worship in their own way. And how those ways have grown.

There are literally three churches within walking distance of my house. Nice churches with great people. Yet I choose to drive to a small, non-denominational church several blocks away.

People often “church-hop” until they find just the right fit. Sometimes, they change because the one they were attending undergoes a change they are uncomfortable with.

New Life Community is the third church I have attended here, and I have been there for the last 10 years or so.

The first church I tried was nice, but too charismatic for me. The second was a good fit until the pastor retired and moved away, and the new pastor changed it too much.

So, I decided to “church-hop” until I found a new “fit.” My best friend here – who has been that for over 40 years, since I lived here the first time – attended New Life, so I decided to try that first, and move on to First Baptist if I wasn’t happy .

One Sunday at New Life was all it took, and I’ve been there ever since.

Sometimes, people get upset for various reasons and move on. Some folks never seem to find a church that “fits” — but maybe they have quit searching too soon. Sometimes, we have to forgive old hurts and start over.

Wherever you fit in this, wouldn’t it be nice to start back if you’ve quit going to church? Just look at the list of churches on this page — you have so many choices. Why not try again if you’ve quit, or try going if it’s never been your habit?

I have only one thing for this week. New Life will have a potluck , games, and watch the fireworks starting at 6 p.m. on the Fourth of July.

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