By Martha Williams

“The best laid plans …”

No matter how well we think we have something planned out, there is always that unknown factor that sneaks in and manages to scramble up what you are trying to do. And it doesn’t matter who you are, all the way from some homeless soul to the president.

Having learned, to my embarrassment last year not to put cukes or squash in my hothouse, I planned more strictly what to plant where this year. Tomatoes and peppers only in the hothouse, all else outside. That should keep order.

With the help of a friend from church, each of the ten grow-boxes were dumped, and new soil put in. And the contents of each box mapped out with which variety of tomato or pepper was scheduled for it.

Funny thing. Placed in the boxes, using the tag in each veggie plant for identification and placement. It was all carefully laid out — but somehow, it just didn’t look right as things began to develop.

And, how the plants have grown! Of course, we watched with satisfaction as the young fruit developed, anticipation especially for those tomatoes.


It would appear that the supplier of those plants either had a careless employee … or … someone’s child, bored waiting for parents making their selections, decided it would be fun to switch those little plastic identifier tags in the pots.

At any rate, the jalapenos and bell peppers got switched, so instead of 4 each of the same variety in a box, there are 2 bells and 2 jalapenos in each box. And there are some rather weird-looking peppers making an appearance. Oh well, who knows? Maybe they’ll be a good result.

I had been disappointed not to find a particular cherry tomato. But guess what? Though tagged as a different variety, here it is — the first plant to offer ripe fruit. And a couple others are not shaping up to what they should. I guess I should label my veggie-growing this year as “Surprise!”

Our lives can be like that if we fail to keep our faith in God. And that’s what’s happening in our country today. While what I write is, of course, supposed to be of a religious nature and not political, sometimes it’s hard to decide if I should make a certain comment.

In a sense, it’s as if we “threw God under the bus” a number of years ago. I have never seen such disagreeable wrangling in my life as we now have. I think it’s time we start depending on God again to get things back on a less bumpy road.

So lets all make it a point to pray for all aspects of life —ours, and our country’s.

There are no scheduled events this week that I have been made aware of. Please be sure to email me when you have something you want mentioned. I know there are times when there aren’t things planned, but we do have many churches, and this is one way to let folks know what you are doing. If you were new to the area, and were looking for a church, it would be a good way for you to help decide where you might want to go. After all, we have lots of choices!

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