By Martha Williams

Sometimes, you get a pleasant surprise in the course of an ordinary day.

Monday, my daughter accompanied me to an eye appointment. It was a pleasant, but quiet afternoon in that office as a lady close to my age stopped at the desk to check out after her appointment. As she stood there, an older gentleman, obviously a friend, came in.

And that’s where everything changed. He asked if she was having problems, and, eyes twinkling, she replied “Oh, no, I just came to find out if I was pregnant.”

In the eye doctors office. But they kept up the banter for a few minutes, leaving everyone laughing before he took a seat, and the lady prepared to leave.

She stopped and spoke to us, and I thanked her for brightening up our day with that exchange. It really was funny, you’d have had to see it yourself, as good as any comedy skit on TV.

Then the surprise.

“Don’t you just feel God’s love?” she asked. “I do — I feel it so much that I just have to share it.” And we spoke about faith and that wonderful love and how it makes life worthwhile. She said something I often have, especially during those times we have lots of extra people in town for a holiday — that you can brighten a stranger’s day simply with a smile. A smile that Monday was enhanced with a bit of frivolity accompanied with a sharing of faith and love.

It was just the thing to get me in a good frame of mind, because later, when I went out to check on the hothouse and the outside veggies, I discovered things were going to be even worse than I thought. It’s beginning to look more and more like someone was having a lot of fun at Home Depot switching identity tags around in the individual pots of veggies.

Half of my jalapenos have a very decided Bell pepper shape, some tomatoes are definitely not what I thought we planted, and my lemon cucumbers sure look like yellow summer squash.

Hmmmm. Maybe next year, I’ll have to consider starting my plants from seed instead.

On the positive side, one of our local pastor’s wives has received the prestigious American Association of Nurse Practitioners, Health Monitor “Life Changer” award.

This national award is given to one nurse each year, and they are nominated by patients. As a retired RN, I know what can be involved in the everyday care of people, and someone has to be very special to achieve this.

That honor goes to Debora Tyler, wife of Pastor Marty Tyler of Grace Lutheran Church. Congratulations, Debora.

Music is coming up at Cornerstone church today at 7 p.m. and again Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

The Crandall Brothers will be in concert. There is no charge.

AGLOW will meet noon Tuesday in the recreation room at Summer Park Apartments. Men and women are invited. Drinks will be provided, and you may bring finger foods. If you have questions, call Ann at 707-457-2318.

To contact Martha Williams, call 460-3000, or email .