By Martha Williams

One of the things that I have enjoyed here is how some plants grow so much bigger than where I’ve lived in the past.

I’ll never forget how big my gladiolas grew back in the early ‘80’s when I was here the first time. Over 6 feet tall, and huge blooms. Thinking they must be a new variety, I sent some of the bulbs to my daughter in New York. But there, they only came out normal sized.

They say things grow bigger in Texas… but I guess those who say that have never seen how some things grow here. And I have grown them in Texas.

Geraniums have always been a small to medium sized plant to me, until I came here this time. Since I moved into the house I live in now ( about 11 years), I have been fascinated with pink geraniums belonging to a neighbor, watching them grow to unbelievable size as she tends them faithfully. I never really expected such results myself, however.

I’m beginning to think that, just as our pets do, our plants might also feel the love.

I have a (now huge) white geranium by my front door. Several years ago, I moved it from it’s pot to the small flower bed right next to the house.

It is a very special plant, one placed there as a memorial to my grandfather, who I loved very much. Growing up with my grandparents, he was the father-figure to me. He liked white geraniums, and there was always one as the center point in the two big pots of mixed plants my grandmother placed next to the steps on our front porch every summer. I have almost always planted one or two wherever I have lived in his memory.

Last year, it started growing like crazy, bigger than ever, and this year, continued to do the same. I’m not even sure I could accurately count the number of bloom heads on it, there are so many.

Makes me think about how much better our lives can be, growing in God’s love when we place our faith in him. When we make it a point to read the Bible and pray every day.

My day starts with my Bible. I start with Genesis and go all the way through and when I finish Revelation, I start over. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been through the book — but I never fail to have something pop out at me every time I go through it again — and then wonder how I managed to miss it before.

There is one event to tell you about this week.

Redwood Family Worship Center is planning a “Family Day in the Park” July 28, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

There will be all kinds of things to do, a variety to interest all ages.

A large slide, a bounce house, jousting, carnival games, music — then popcorn, hot dogs, chips and drinks, all free. Sounds like a lot of fun for everyone.

And this may be old news, but I found a song I have been looking for for years. I was able to get an accompaniment CD, and the written musical score. That made me very happy — but the best was yet to come, when a young lady from our church said “Check out YouTube, they have everything.” So I did.

And there it was. If you want to hear an absolutely beautiful song, click into YouTube, and listen to “He Still Speaks.” You won’t be disappointed.

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