Certificated master composter (best $15 she ever spent) and retired english teacher Betty Belitz called the other day to say she thought I might like to take a picture of her giant carrot.

Not having received that particular call before, I paused only briefly before happily agreeing to meet Betty and her monstrosity the following day.

“I’m here to see a lady about a giant carrot.” I told the receptionist in the lobby of the apartment building behind the senior center before Betty spotted me from across the room.

Wearing a “Gardening is cheaper than therapy” T-shirt and a contagious grin Betty proudly displayed her carrot before chronicling her difficulty extracting it from the dirt of her raised bed at the Seventh Day Adventist community garden not only because, “Well, I’m old.” as she put it, but also because of its sheer size.

“The question now is, what am I going to do with it?” she said.

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